wonderful SAs today on my azur NF purchase!


Nov 25, 2007
I had such a positive experience today at the Bala store in PA. I am not a regular custumer there. In fact, I only purchased one LV there two years ago. My last 2 bags came from KOP and prior to that, I have everything shipped from NY. Anyway, the SAs were so friendly, kind, and extremely helpful and more knowledgeable than usual. I'd surely make future purchases in that location!


Mar 7, 2010
South Philadelphia, PA
That's good to hear! I almost never have good experiences there - only one. I always get treated terribly there, and once I was flat out lied to. I called on the phone to check if they had a product in, and she said no...so I swung by anyway to browse. What was lying right in the glass case under my nose? The wallet I called about! She even said "oh someone DID call about this earlier..." to which I replied I had! She looked quite embarrassed but I was actually pretty angry! Bala is the last store around here I'll go to, haha!