Wonderful SA's at Queens Center!!

Feb 18, 2007
I went to the mall yesterday for dinner at applebees and a bit of browsing at the new stuff at Coach. Well, I was not dressed to impress as I have been a bit sick lately but when I walked in every one of the SA's at some point said hello. They were all so helpful and very friendly. I asked if the had any khaki platinum Carlys because I wanted to see it in person but they said it was not out yet (I saw it later in Macys, I love it). They complimented my blue suede Carly, it was funny, one of the SA was touching it saying she had never seen one kept so clean. I ended up walking out empty handed as it was already 9:00 and I was driving out to Long Island, but I will definately be going back for purchases in the future!!:tup:


aKa NekoPursePurse
Dec 23, 2007
I have to agree. I went in there to ask about returning an item and SA was so nice and informative. I noticed also, not only did she mentioned her own name but the other SA's name too if I decided I needed any help while I looked around. I thought that was very professional of her. I was just bummed that the store was just smaller compared to the Smith Haven Mall.