Wonderful Let-Trade makes everything right!!!!

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  1. You may have seen my other posts, but I wanted to start a thread to give Let-Trade full credit for their honest and wonderful customer service regarding an item I purchased last week.

    Based on advice from this forum, I asked in advance if the bag had a bad smell to it. They said that it did not. However, once I received it, it did have a very bad mothball smell... that I didn't think I could ever get over.

    Since this was an international transaction with a seller I have never dealth with, I was very nervous how it would work out.


    Since the item was not as descibed (ie it did have a bad smell, when I was told it did not), they offered me a full refund on the item. The e-mails were friendly throughout the process. My item arrived back in Hong Kong yesterday, and I have received my full refund today. They even refunded my return shipping, eventhough I said they did not have to.

    HOORAY to Let-Trade for their kind, honest and wonderful customer service. I am just thrilled.:yahoo:
  2. Awww CONGRATS! Glad everything turned out well for you!
  3. Another satisfied Let-Trade customer!!! :biggrin:
  4. Let-trade is great!
  5. glad everything worked out well for you!
    I just ordered my first item from let-trade too...it should be here sometime this week but i didnt ask them if it had a smell. hopefully it doesnt!
  6. Congrats- LT is very understanding and always tried to make things right imo
  7. That is GREAT to hear!
  8. Congrats! Somehow I knew they will make it right. ;)
  9. That is wonderful to hear!
  10. i am so glad to heard that is a happy ending for you !
    i just purchased a bag from LT and now i cant wait to recieve it :sweatdrop:
  11. Glad things worked out for you!
  12. yay! i'm happy everything worked out for ya! .. now u can breathe a sigh of relief that it's all over :smile: congrats!
  13. That is very good to know since I check out their website everyday looking for the perfect bag. I just cant wait to push the buy button when it comes along. Now I feel alot more comfortable. Thanks for posting your update!!
  14. Told ya so!:p

    Glad everything worked out.
  15. That's great news! : )