Wonderful gift and it's a Gucci Platinum wallet

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  1. I got this wallet as a gift from my sister and I don't know I really like it or not. I always want a silver tone wallet but not so sure about this one. What do you guys think about this wallet?

    Any comments would be very appreciate :tup:. Thanks a lot!!
  2. I really like it, looks like an elegant little clutch as well. As a wallet, I see it looking good with many different bags. What a sweet sister!
  3. i love it!!! love the design and colour.. but i guess it depends on whether it suits ur needs.. like if it has enough card slots.. coin compartment.. etc..
  4. Happy Xmas Vicky my friend!!!I'm missing you a lot!!!:yes:
    Are you kidding???This wallet is simply gorgeous...i used to have the matching large Britt hobo...:girlsigh::girlsigh:
    Please,enjoy it!!!And please,let me know what are you doing and how you spent your Xmas!!:flowers::heart::heart: Love,Stefy:heart::heart:
  5. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
  6. I sold my platium wallet and i kicking myself everyday for doing that. It looked like yours , but was a double flap. I miss it so much. I wish I could find it again. Congrats yours is beautiful.
  7. it looks gorgeous..i wish i have that wallet...
  8. It is gorgeous!! I would love to get my hands on something like this, I love the Britt style it is my favorite from Gucci. Enjoy!!
  9. Thanks a lot gals :smile:
  10. Hello Stef,

    Miss you too and hope you will have a bright coming new year 2008 :flowers: !! I'm feeling happy with this wallet now.
  11. i love it. if you don't want it pass it over!!!! hahha.. :graucho:
  12. Beautiful, one of my friends got this one for herself too! my favorite color of gucci leather!
  13. That is a really nice wallet, nice size, really beautiful color too. I love the nice big GG detail a lot too.
  14. it's gorgeus....love the platinum leather
  15. i love anything in gold - and this one is all class.... beautiful.
    100% keep.