Wonderful Fnds!!!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    So I had to make my weekly jaunt to my outlet!!!! Was kind of bummed that there were no coupons (or at least good ones!!!)
    I got to my outlet and got a coupon for 20%!!! :yahoo:

    I returned some wallets and bought some more!!!

    My Metallic Collection!
    I got the Raspberry ziparound wallet and the Teal Medium skinny at the outlet! The Silver wristlet, I bought on clearance at Nordstrom!!!

    Navy Blue Embossed Wallet
    I exchanged the Black Patent for the Blue!!!

    Blue Waverly Wallet !

    Yes, I did reveal the Waverly wallet before but ended up returning it!! (call me an idiot!!! ) I ended up ordering through Nordstrom and it came yesterday!!!!

    Thanks for looking!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  2. cute finds!! I love the metallic accesories!! Congrats!! I hope my outlet still has some tomorrow morning...
  3. Nice goodies! Your outlet had 20%? I went yesterday and mine only had 10% :sad:
  4. cute, I'am about to go to the outlet right now!!!!!---for the mini skinny
    GREAT JOB!!!!!
  5. welll I love the rasberry wallet and the med skinny but dang you now I want a wristlet too LOL .. I like that you got them in different colors.
  6. Accessory heaven...
  7. I love the blue embossed wallet!
  8. I love the jewel collection! Super pretty!
  9. I am in love with all the Jewel stuff, congrats!
  10. I love the waverly wallet! I have it in the same color for the zip around. It's too cute! Great finds!!
  11. I love anything embossed...gorgeous wallet!
  12. Congrat's , I love those colorful goodies...;)
  13. /tear i wish i could outlet shop..and i love the jewel collection
  14. well the last thing, i would call my coachie sister is an idiot,,,

    maybe.... confused, indecisive, PMS, lol, but not an idiot, LOL

    love the blue embossed one, wow, that is lovely

    your wallets are great, and how great it had to of felt when you were handed that coupon, awesome

    congrats on all your new babies
  15. That blue wallet is sharp!