Wonderful Experience in Hermes at Las Vegas, Bellagio


May 8, 2006
Blux- I'm so glad you had a nice time there. I know I was mildly intimidated about going there.
I love everything you bought and I'm glad you had a nice trip!! Yay!


The Garden of Secret
Mar 26, 2006
thanks ladies for the really wonderful words and yeah, had a wonderful time... SA's were so kind and helpful.. even though they already knew I had another SA, all were just eager to help me out the next day.. I got the Rose Ikebana perfume on the pic number 4.... the wallet is so light, I could not believe that it was so light...

and yeah, i could not believe the treatment I got.. and to think it was the first time I had been there... I mean, even the Dior and Chanel SA's were absolutely friendly to me (then again, I was carrying my hermes goodies n my bolide so maybe that helped, too).. but sheeezee, I was initially intimidated but I remembered the posts in here as to how to act when going into the H store and once I got there, I pretended to just "own the place" and not be intimidated and it worked... thanks all for the advice on how to enjoy going to a store such as Hermes, it really helps.... and the SA, I didn't think there would be some Fil's in there so I was amazed when I saw them... they were just wanting to make sure I got everything I wanted (and all the other things I didn't need, they kept offering it to me... hehe)...now, if I only won money from gambling, I could have gotten more... sheezeee...

hello, bf absolutely does not know how many H bags I have so far, i think it would kill him to know how much I have spent although he does acknowledge that the bag is very well-made..... I just keep talking about a birkin and he keeps talking about me getting him a bmw, so I just smile.. lol....