Wonderful Experience at Union Square, SF store!

  1. I got a new azur 25! And had a wonderful, nice, patient, friendly, kind, cheerful SA help me! Spectacular experience there. My new baby thanks to my wonderful SO! :love:
  2. Congratulations! The azur speedy looks so pretty. Can you do a modeling picture? I have always have wonderful experience at Union Square too. I just purchased my etoile bandeau there last weekend. :p
  3. Yay!!! so happy for you.
  4. It's VERY cute! CONGRATS! Love Azur, it's so perfect for summer! I love the Union Square as well; they always have a fantastic selection!
  5. I'm in my PJs. It's been a long weekend. But here is someone else with the azur 25. I hope she does not mind.
  6. Congrats on your new bag and great experience
  7. It's been a long tedious ordeal for me to get this bag so I am estatic. The first was used from elux and the 2nd had flaws (if you would like to see detailed pics I just posted them in another thread I started called something similar to 'my bag luck with azurs, quality control' page 3). I guess third times the charm! I cant wait to take it out! :wlae:
  8. finally you have your 'perfect one'!! happy for you!! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats! Nothing like a perfect Azur 25 to bring out the smile on pretty ladies. Enjoy!
  10. Hooray for you getting the right bag, finallly!
  11. Congrats! Looks great
  12. I'm glad you finally got one!
  13. Lovely!! Congrats on your perfect Azur and wonderful boutique experience!!
  14. So gorgeous, i love that bag, congratulations !!!
  15. Gotta love the Union Square boutique! They really have some quality SAs there. MUCH better than it was a few years ago. When I had gone there a few years ago for a repair an SA who looked no older than 16 helped me and she told me they couldn't repair my wallet because it was too old! So I took it across the street to NM and they repaired it with no attitude!

    But ... I'm happy to say that I've got a great SA there now and I always will buy from her! :heart: :yes: