Wonderful Ebay Experience - It CAN Happen!

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  1. Hi there!

    I keep reading all the negative experiences buyers and sellers are having on eBay and thought I'd share a positive experience I had yesterday.

    I saw a DVD I wanted for my son last week on eBay, contacted the seller and asked if he had a BIN for it. He replied that yes, he had a BIN and it was 25 pounds. His opening bid was 17.95 so I thought I'd put a snipe on it and keep looking around.

    I found the same DVD from BBC online (UK) for 18.95 so thought I'd just go ahead and order it from them - which I did.

    Four days later I received a confirmation winning email from eBay - Bum, I'd forgot to cancel my snipe so effectively I've bought two copies of the same DVD - It's a specialist DVD so I can't exactly give it away to someone.

    I contacted the seller and explained what I'd done - I wasn't looking to totally get out of the sale, just asking if I could exchange the DVD for another one. He replied very quickly that it was no problem, would exchange for another DVD and even knocked a couple of pounds off. How great is that???!??! He's not an online store, just a guy that happens to be selling a pile of DVD's at the moment.

    Just when I think Ebay is crap, someone reminds me that there are GREAT buyers/sellers out there.

    Has anyone had a fabulous experience on Ebay?
  2. Wow, that is indeed very nice of him! It's nice to hear stories like that once in a while for jaded people like me :smile:
  3. OH, I love this thread - nice one!

    actually, I have far more nice experiences than bad ones - for example, I had two sellers that accepted partial payment via paypal and the rest through a different method (majority of amount through paypal), and it took some time to get the money. (this is bec it is a real fuss for me to use paypal... have to transfer money first to my acct in UK so super fuss).
    All the other stories are 'normal' trading transactions, i.e. they are good because nothing went wrong - but i have to say that out of 100 transactions only 2 or 3 didn't go well. so I will keep on ebaying!
  4. I also have had many great ebay experiences and bargains. My latest coup was tickets to a concert for my daughter..ended up paying face value for excellent seats that otherwise were sold out...very nice seller too.
  5. All of my transactions have all been very positive. But I am very cautious on who I buy from. I always check feedback carefully and I also read through thier descriptions. If they have too many demands (Payment must be made....Absolutely no returns....I will leave negative feedback if...etc.) I move on. There's nothing that I want that bad to take my chances. It's just not worth the hassles.

    Here's a nice story for you. I purchased a Lady dior bag back in Novemeber. When I received it I was disappointed in the condition of the bag, but considering I did'nt pay much for it, I just let it go. A few weeks ago I decided to go and just get a new one. When I got back from the Dior shop I took another look at the one I purchased from ebay and realized that it was not authentic. I was very upset, condition is one thing but authenticity is another! I emailed the seller nicely, letting her know. She is a consignor so I really did'nt think she intentionally sold me a fake. She asked me to send it back so that she could take a look. I knew I was taking my chances, but I figured I wasn't going to use the bag anyway, so it was worth the chance. To my surprise, she emailed me immediatly upon receiving the bag apologizing about the condition of the bag and the authenticity issue and immediatly refunded me all cost including shipping. Now THAT is a good seller!

    There are some good ones out there! Be choosy!
  6. On Sunday I had a group of auctions close. There was one bag that didn't sell. That night I got an e-mail from a buyer saying she missed the end of the auction but was interested in the bag and was I going to relist it. Long story short I offered to sell it to her directly. I sold her the bag for the starting price and when I mentioned I had the matching wallet she bought that too. She paid right away with Paypal and her items were sent yesterday. Perfect!
  7. I think the main point is...be cautious and know your merchandise. I would hope my buyers count me as a positive experience...I do have perfect feedback. I also think if you are a good seller then you should be a good buyer...based on the customer service you give as a standard.
  8. What a great thread! In the doom and gloom that we all share about Ebay experiences, it is good to be reminded of how wonderful it can be when it works! It also made me recall several terrific experiences - one which stands out for me is when I had received an untrue and very upsetting negative after being defrauded - two former customers contacted me personally to say how sorry they were for me and how they would vouch for my integrity should I need it! Another example was when I was selling some skates and in the listing bemoaned my inability to get on with them as an older skater whose teenage skating expertise was long ago - I got a message from a fellow adult skater telling me why these were the wrong skates and offering lots of advice on sticking with skating. I'd forgotten these two episodes (and several others) until I saw this thread - thanks for the reminder that there are a whole lot of good people out there too.
  9. Oooh yes, and I had a similar thing happen with a buyer in Denmark who just missed the end of a bag auction and was a delight - I even got a card from his wife too as it was an anniversary gift.
  10. I've had so many good experiences buying handbags on eBay. Selling has been a problem but that's more eBay's fault than the buyer's. I only had one person with buyer's remorse, who I just accepted the return from, and luckily someone else was interested in the bag and bought it right away. And the second buyer left me glowing feedback b/c she absolutely loved the bag.

    Of course, this forum helps me know what is real from fake. That's the best place to start!
  11. Good to see that there are a lot of good experiences out there. Myself I have only ever had a couple of bad ones but I guess on here people mostly come seeing help on the bad ones so we never really hear about the good ones that much.
  12. Good thread. Luckily I haven't had a truely bad one yet and just one dragged out one. I just get paranoid with all the scams and stories I hear.
  13. you know, ebay has been a pain for me lately.
    im in a ridiculous dispute with a buyer and my account JUsT got reinstated!
    not a good time on ebay.

    But LetTrade has done wonders for me!