Wonderful Chanel Experience

  1. I just want to say I am very new to Chanel. I have for the past year been interested in LV but always admired Chanel sunglasses. So after I purchased my first pair of sunglasses I started visiting this forum more often and I got interested in the purses. After seeing the denim Coco Cabas I knew I had to try and purchase it. For some reason I was pretty scared to go into the boutique. The first time I went into LV I had a horrible experience and it seems like once I made the first purchase with them then things got better. Anyway I was walking past Chanel at Tyson's Corner in VA and I walked in and the SA was so dog on delightful. She showed me the look book and took her time to point out various pieces to me. I mean just absolutely wonderful. So I put my name down for the denim purse and the naked flap. I probably won't get the naked flap but when they come in I will check it out and see how I like it.
    I will just say I put my name down at LV for a purse and I was told at 6 one evening if I didn't get to the store that night they were going to sell my purse to someone else. I told the SA at Chanel what happened and she said oh no I will call you and you can come in the next day and see if you even like the bag and see how it looks on you. Awesome awesome customer service!
  2. Good to hear. I admit I am nervous too about my first visit to the boutique. Which on the one-hand is silly, but on the other hand, understandable. Glad to hear you found a good SA.

    Looking forward to seeing pix of your Cabas!!
  3. That's wonderful. I too always am nervous when I go into the Boutique. Congrats. Can't wait to see the pictures. Again, Congrats.
  4. Glad you had a positive experience at Tysons. I've been in there and they seem too busy to help, a touch snooty. I used to shop at the D.C. boutique before it was closed. It was 10 times better to have bags, accessories, shoes, clothes, makeup in one place. I'll add that when I've been at Chanel Tysons I've always carried one of my Chanel bags and often worn a Chanel jacket or coat. It made no difference in their attitude.
  5. oh i'm so glad you had such a lovely experience!! :yes:
  6. Congratulations!! :drinks:
  7. Thats nice to hear.. :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  8. I'm glad to hear that! A few years ago (before i discovered Chanel) I went to the LV botique in Las Vegas at Ceasars. They looked at me like my head was cut off or something. None of the SA's even smiled at me!! Jerks! lol
  9. I'm glad to hear you had a nice experience =) The first time I went into a Chanel boutique I was probably about 20 years old, but thankfully, the SA was very sweet to me and let me try on anything I wanted.
  10. I know a lot of times when people have a bad experience..you always hear about it. I figure why not post a positive. It was funny because I told my boyfriend how great I was treated and he says, "Did you fill out one of those comment cards?" LOL
  11. I have a guy friend who went into the NYC Chanel when he was there because he knows I love Chanel. He used to dress pretty sloppy, like not tie his shoes and stuff and just look kind of like a bum. But he said the lady in the Chanel store was soooo nice to him and even though he surely wasn't going to buy me a bag she helped him pick out a lipstick for me which was really sweet.
  12. Dear Cdaizybug:

    You are SO LUCKY!!! I think some of these boutique needs to RE-train their SA to be like yours!!!

    Too bad, some people have sad attitude. Well what comes around goes around, don't you think?!

  13. that's sucha sweet story :yes:
    i've heard awful LV store experience from my friend who shopped at the US...
    it's nice to hear the way chanel treated you :love:
    and can't wait to see ur denim cabas :party:
  14. So great to hear a story where someone is treated nicely by a SA! It must have made bag-shopping more fun than it already is!