Wonderful Boutique Experience! :D Founda a new SA & can't wait for my new stuff ...

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  1. So, some of you know today was my last day as a teacher. Some of my kids got me gift cards to the mall. I was planning on getting my red patent ergo hobo next week, because I have a coach gift card coming to me, but thought since my $300 credit and gift cards would come close to the total and I got paid today (last time in a while :crybaby:) I would go and order it this afternoon! :graucho:

    I found the NICEST SA in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL store ... if anyone is looking for one, PM me because I know I've griped with a few of you about the clueless SA's there. I have been looking for a good SA since mine has moved on to more expensive bags, haha. Anyways, as she is putting in the order she is explaining how she is so mad that you can order the patent hobo in red. She tried to order it when they first came out and the computer said red wasn't available, so she got the black one. Being the enabler I am, I told her she needed both. :graucho:

    I also decided I needed to get some shoes to match my hobo!


    The shoe sale is STILL going on! These were half off. They didn't have my size, but she was able to order them with the hobo. So, if you go and they don't have your size, they can check the system and order them for you if they're still there.
    My stuff should be here Saturday or Monday :yahoo: I had it sent there because I didn't know if someone would be here to sign for it and my PO is a pain to pick stuff up from.
  2. Can't wait to see pics of your new red ergo!

    LOVE those flip flops!
  3. yay! very fun!

    I'm going to go order my new red patent ergo tomorrow too!
  4. I noticed that the SA in the Wellington Green mall were not that helpful. PGA is a further drive, but is it worth the extra time?
  5. Wow, Congrats on the new stuff? Last day?! Good luck on your new adventure - how sweet of your students to give you gifts. :yes:
  6. we will be twins!! :yahoo:

    I used to go to the Wellington Green one, that's where my former SA was and just haven't found a good one since. it figures right when I'm moving to Boca I find one in Gardens! my last interaction with Gardens was around Christmastime so they may have just had temp people in for the holidays, they weren't that helpful then. PM me if you want the girl's name.
  7. Congrats, the new shoes are so cute too!
  8. Congrats!! Those shoes are so pretty!!
  9. Can't wait to see your pics. Those shoes are really cute!
  10. how exciting!!!! i am happy that you FINALLY found a great SA (those are hard to come by so hold on to her tight!) and congrats on the new shoes, they are beautiful!
  11. Congrats! The red ergo is one gorgeous bag.
  12. Those shoes are sooo cute!!!! How much did you get them on sale for? I would totally like to buy a pair. I am a huge flip flop fan :yes:
  13. I can't wait to see your new patent ergo hobo! It's sounds like you had a great day!
  14. the shoes look sooo comfy..Congrats!
  15. great purchases! can't wait to see you decked out in the red patent ergo. i'm so glad you find a nice SA too.