Wonderful birthday surprises from CHANEL!!

Aug 24, 2012
HK, Cambridge
Hello ladies!! I haven’t been posting much on the Chanel sub-forum lately (well actually on TPF as a whole lol) – have been really busy at work!!:yucky: But as my birthday is a few days before Christmas, I’ve received wonderful surprises from my regular CHANEL boutique:heart: and I would LOVEEEEE to share my happiness and excitement with all of you lovely fellow tpfers!!:love::girlsigh:

So at the weekend before my birthday, I went to the boutique to pick up a pair of white canvas espadrilles with camellias all over which I’ve preordered a few months ago:loveeyes: While I was trying on the espadrilles, my SA disappeared for a short while:eek: and when she came back, she’s holding a birthday cake!!!:blush: Can you imagine how happy I was with this surprise?!:drinks:
BUT…this surprise was only the first of a few to come…:graucho:
Aug 24, 2012
HK, Cambridge
After I’ve made a wish and blew the candle, my SA gave me a SECOND surprise :loveeyes: – the Christmas gift from CHANEL this year!!:love::love::love:

Ever since I’ve started my addiction to CHANEL a few years ago, I’ve received a gift from them every Christmas. But this year’s Christmas gift is thus far the best one in my CHANEL journey!! Presenting 2016 Christmas Gift – 2017 Cruise Cuba Collection long necklace in black!!
It’s funny how my lovely SA and some of her colleagues were even more anxious than I was and urged me to unbox the present before I eat my cake lol!!:giggle: I was told by my SA that this necklace only comes in green colour for retail, and this black one is a special edition available only as this year’s Christmas gift!!:graucho: I was (and I still am:P) over the moon~
Aug 24, 2012
HK, Cambridge
Now let’s fast forward to my birthday:biggrin: With the pleasant surprises my SA and her colleagues gave me during my visit at the weekend, I totally did not expect any more surprise from them:giggle: But as I always say, with CHANEL, never say never!! In the morning of my birthday, a delivery guy came and delivered this to my doorstep…:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
Aug 24, 2012
HK, Cambridge
And it turned out...it's a gorgeous flower box with a bottle of my favourite champagne!!:loveeyes: What else could a girl ask for more from CHANEL on a birthday?!
While I was appreciating the beautiful flower box:girlsigh: and (already:giggle:) planning to drink the bottle of champagne with my beloved family and friends during Christmas:drinks:, I completely forgotten about the envelope in the flower box…:facepalm:
Aug 24, 2012
HK, Cambridge
At first, I thought that it’s a birthday card from the SMs and SAs…but once I took out the card inside…
Voila!! It’s actually a birthday gift :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: – a gift certificate of a spa session at Four Seasons Hong Kong!!!:yahoo: At that point, I was utterly surprised by the kind gesture of my regular CHANEL boutique, and how thoughtful and caring my SMs are!!:hugs: (My SA didn’t know what my birthday gift was until I told her later that day, so I guess it’s the SMs who’d chosen the present!) I guess they knew that I’m really busy at work and definitely need a spa session to retreat LOL:giggle:!! I’m felt SOOOOO spoiled by my CHANEL team:love:, and this year I think they’ve really gone an extra mile to show me that they value me as a regular customer and more importantly as a friend too!!:hugs: I’m extremely grateful to have met my wonderful SA (aka my CHANEL fairy godmother:heart:) and also the lovely team at my regular boutique!!

Thanks a lot for letting me share my happiness here ladies!! (and sorry that this post is nothing related to "purse":giggle:) Wishing you all a very happy Christmas with good health!!:drinks:


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Jun 28, 2015
Your boutique is so thoughtful and I'm sure you're a great customer too! :smile:
A VIP only necklace - that is a Christmas present!!!!
I think if I get a Chanel double strand necklace from my SA in the boutique I would cause a serious scene!!!
Enjoy and rock this limited edition necklace!


Apr 19, 2008
Happy birthday and such a wonderful team at chanel! The necklace is gorgeous [emoji847]


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Sep 29, 2011
happy birthday lucky girl!! your boutique and SA are so thoughtful. LOVE the gifts!!


Jan 19, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii
Wow they really went above and beyond, cake, necklace, flowers with champagne and a massage?! Probably better than most of our significant others [emoji23] happiest of birthdays to you!