Wonder what new LV item will be out soon that will be as desired as the damier speedy

  1. I dont see anything else that I want in the LV line......Is there anything new expected shortly?
  2. MOVING this thread from GEN discussion to LV......
  3. well i don't know how desired this will be, but i'm dying for the Monogram Miroir line to come out :nuts:! i'd love to have the silver Miroir Speedy, but it's too big, so i'm thinking of the silver Papillon instead :love:
  4. Azur line should do really well!:yes:
  5. Hmmm, how about a little something like.....

    :graucho: :graucho:
  6. Azur speedy !

    Honestly though, I have no idea. Maybe people will fight tooth and nail for a random item - it's hard to say.
  7. Miroir line for me -the silver speedy
  8. anyone have any pics of the miroir line? haven't really seen/ heard of it...
  9. I think it's going to mirior line then in Nov. it'll be the azure!
  10. Nice L'Inoubliable tr444! and yes, I agree, azur will be HOT, i'm thinking of getting a speedy or papillon once it comes out!
  11. I wish they have something that resembles the cerises speedy so that I can kill my lemming for that... :girlsigh: LOL :P

    Hmm, the miroir line is nice but a little too flashy for my taste. :shame: Gotta see it in person to judge, though...
  12. I am on the wait list for the speedy and papillon in gold but I might have to re-think the speedy, it's a 34...who am I kidding, I'm getting those two bags!
  13. The Mini Lin Speedy 30 looks pretty good... saw pics at LV today. I think it will be very desired especially since the price is the same as Damier speedy 30.
  14. miroir and damier azur speedys are my top picks. i'm actually excited about how big the miroir speedy will be- large and in charge.
  15. I don't think many people will be confident wearing the Miroir.

    I have a feeling the Lockit monogram bags will do very well, esp with the sub-$1000 pricepoint.