wonder shoulder bag

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on Marc Jacobs wonder shoulder bags? Of all his bags, I've always been eyeing this style.

    I came across one today in white and of course, loved its shape. When I put a few things in, however, it became somewhat heavier than I thought it would be. Do you like its shape and find it easy to use?

    White is a risky color, of course, but this color was actually on sale so I thought what better way to get a white Marc Jacob bag at a lowered price! How do you clean the leather? Would apple products work?

    Thank you for either discouraging me or encouraging me...:rolleyes:
  2. any pics?
  3. Oh, oh, I'm feeling a little embarassed, but the only picture I can find of it is on the Neiman Marcus website by searching "Marc Jacobs Wonder Shoulder Bag White" Not sure how to get it here...:shame:
  4. I've seen this bag pop up on ebay. It looks really cute!

    MJ bags typically run heavy. It's a matter of preference- I actually like mine feeling substantial.

    On a side note, I've always wondered what the "wonder" part meant...

    Let us know what you decide!
  5. right click and save it, then come here and use the 'Manage Attachments' option to post it ;)
  6. [​IMG]

    do you mean this? my mom bought the white (ivory?) medium chevron from Saks yesterday and the SA told her to use body lotion for conditioning (!) has anyone else heard this?
  7. Thanks for posting the pic, uhkiwi - thank you for your help too, swanky! Yes, that is the wonder bag!
    Emoem, it is a strange name, isn't it? I need to really think this one over. It is beautiful, but I need to get my courage up to get my first "white" bag:amuse:

    By the way emoem, any ideas on how to "clean" the bag when it gets that slightly dirty corners on the bottom of the bag?

  8. I wish I could tell you! I'm still a purse and MJ-newbie myself (I never had anything that was worth really cleaning or caring for)! I hear a lot about the Apple Garde (sp?) here, though.

    You know, the more that I see this bag, I think it would be a great purchase. It's a very classic shape, and it looks so beautiful in white. (I've got an itch for a white bag myself). And it's on sale, too? That would be hard to resist!
  9. That looks like a great shoulder bag! Is it stark white though or a bit off-white? I think if it's off-white, you can get away with a bit but stark white would be more difficult to care for.
  10. I have this bag in the emerald green. I got it last season and it is wonderful! Hold alot not too heavy very comfortable to carry. You won't be disapponinted if you purchase this handbag. Let me know what you decide?
  11. Thanks for all your thoughts so far...you guys are so wonderful...this is a great place!
    emonem & bag.lover: thank you for your yes vote!:biggrin:

    SerenitySue: It is not a stark white, but is a softer white - even has a creamy look to it. Just a little off white. I agree with you that off white is perhaps a little easier to care for. Thank you:smile:

    Janice: Ohhh the emerald green is a very pretty color! I remember seeing it last season:heart: Do you find that both straps stay on your shoulder easily? I love the double thin straps and am hoping one doesn't fall of my shoulder all the time. Would you ever consider getting it in white? I am so leaning on getting it. I'll let you know what I decide:shame: I am the so wishy washy! :roflmfao:
  12. ^^ Hi sunshinesmilee! For thin double straps, I usually hitch on top of the other so that it doesn't fall off!
  13. I also hitch one strap on top of the other and it works fine. The white is beautiful. That would be a great choice in style and color.
  14. Thanks for the advice to hitch the straps on top of each other :yes: , Janice & minicoop!