Wonder if this works..

  1. I have been trying to lose about 15-20 pounds. I am 5'11 and weigh about 190.

    Anywho, I saw "The Bender Ball" on tv. I HATE doing regular crunches, heck even exercising period, but I thought this would be GREAT..Has anyone tried this? Do you all think it works?


  2. You might not want hear this but 90% of the weight loss battle is diet. Cut back on your calories to 1200 and exercise and you'll lose weight!
  3. i think in terms of an investment of use when it comes to exercise equipment. perhaps a pilates ball might be better? you can use it for EVERYTHING (even bouncing on it :smile:
  4. Actually, my sister said that she ordered this last week. I don't think she got it in the mail yet though. I will have to check with her and let you know. :flowers:
  5. Oh thanks!^^

    And I was looking at this just for the simple fact that my abs really are the only part of my body I want to work on.. of course with cardio and lifting a little.. =]
  6. I saw that commercial on tv before...and i dunno. If you're trying to get some ab definition it could only help not hurt. But if ure trying to lose weight, i wouldnt waste my time on it. Just get out and walk or run 2 miles, u'll see the weight come off way faster than sitting on that ball.

    -I've seen too many gadgets that are suppose to help you lose weight...and honestly they dont work unless ure doing cardio as well. These little things should only add to ur routine, not be ur routine.
  7. Oh and i have to add that doing crunches with anything behind ur tailbone could potentially bruise it, and when that happens u literally cant sit down.
  8. anhangie....I totally agree with you! :tup:
  9. My suggestion would be a regular physio ball - they are relatively inexpensive and can be used for lots of things - crunches, pushups, etc. - plus any free weight exercises are MUCH harder if you do them seated on the ball since you have to use your abs to stay balanced. Agree with the other posters, cardio and diet will definitely help lean you out and emphasize your abs even more. Good luck !! :tup:
  10. It looks pretty cool for defining abs.. but to reach your goal of weight loss I don't think the bender thing would work. Like the other girls have said, its about diet and doing cardio. Doing core work only helps to a certain extent but you need to shed the fat thats on top.