Wonder if this is true about spending thresholds

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  1. I wonder if this article is correct for USA spending. I’m trying to surprise my wife with her first B bag for her bday. She fits a size 25. I’ve never purchased anything from Hermes before. But this article says you have to spend $4-8k on fine jewerly or home items or clothing before they will offer you a B bag. Others say it’s not the dollar amount you spend but it’s the frequency in which you spend. I’d think it’s more quota driven.


    Is this generally everyone’s experiences? I’ve read people get lucky in Vegas. I was fortunate enough to get a referral from someone nice here on the forum for a SA in So Cal.

    Also what is everyone’s favorite leather in a B bag? I read Togo is the most common but it looks like it sags.
  2. That article gives a pretty good picture of how unpredictable the situation is.

    You can also see this from reading the widely varying experiences recounted on this forum.
    The 'lining up' in Paris has been superceded by online applications - read the Paris shopping thread.
    Some of the Asian boutiques seem to be very honest an upfront telling you how much you have to spend to get a bag.

    Your best bet is walk in, be up front and honest.
    If you try and engineer the situation you will likely get burned.
    Knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the brand is the only common attribute you need to show.
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  3. It seems as if you've been contemplating buying a bag for some time now. I suggest you just jump in and go to a (or several) boutiques and talk to SAs. You have an evelyne -- maybe the SA you got that from can help you. Also, there are tons of posts about B25s and togo leather -- it's easier for you to read them than for someone to try to summarize it for you. Good luck!
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  4. The only rule to Hermes is there is no rule. You will not know until you enter that store and speak to an SA. Good luck!
  5. I bought items from H in the U.S.A.....only because I really liked them. My SA didn't tell me an amount I had to spend to have been sold the Birkin. I am only speaking from my experience. I think you should purchase items that you really like and be upfront (yet polite) with your S.A. that you wish to buy a Birkin for your wife, and see what he/she will say. Good luck to you.
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    It really depends on the exact Birkin 25 that you want, the store and what the other regular clients at the store want.

    Let's say you are willing to spend X in jewelry and RTW on top of the bag to get the bag. X is different based on the factors above.

    There is always the reseller market. While many would complain about the markup, they are actually a very good option for people who don't want to build a relationship.

    I shop in Las Vegas. I don't think my store would sell me a popular regular leather B25 without me buying 15k-20k in jewelry or RTW. And I have an extensive history with the store. For some less desirable B25, one can certainly get it for less.
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  7. This. I've read stories on here of people walking into a boutique with no purchase history and being offered a B or K. Some say you need to spend a certain amount period, some have said they had to spend a certain amount just in leather and nothing else. Totally unpredictable.
  8. No rules.
    Just each store's ideas and guidelines mixed with the SM's practice and each SA's amount of authority to make decisions, nd their mood that day, and what is in stock. Plus whether Mercury is in retrograde or not.
    B's and K's and SO's to walk-ins or people with no/low purchase history, reasonably common. My first SO came the day after I bought an Evelyne for $2K euro. That was my only purchase history at that time in that country.

    Exotics in my experience, contrary to that article, are easier not harder to buy as long as the SA believes you are serious. Rare exotics like Himalayan or fauve "Barenia" croc....not as easy.
  9. Also customer attitude impacts response. I've seen walk-ins rather rudely ask for Bs and are politely turned away. And a VIP from a neighbouring country threw her weight around and was informed that there was no stock of the item she wanted.
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  10. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but size 25 is a pain. You may get lucky if it is a leather/color combo that requires high maintenance?
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  11. So true. I bought two 35 Birkins at the same time when I walked into a boutique and just asked. My only purchase history prior to that was a watch and a Massai. Granted, this was in the 1990's. I've been loyal to the Brand since then and it has allowed me to still walk into US Boutiques and walk out with Birkins and Kelly's today. My impression now is that it is a fluid situation and hardly consistent if you have minimal/no purchase history with H. If an SA likes you as stand in the Boutique asking for a specific bag...you're going to get that bag if that Boutique has it in stock and it's not being held for a VIP. Moral of the story: nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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  12. I agree with what everyone written, there is no game plan with H. Be honest explain that your buying a bag for your wife and you could be lucky and get offered one or you could be turned down. Let us know what happens.
  13. I had only bought 3 scarves and had only been shopping at my boutique for 4 months when I purchased my Birkin. A year and a half later, I’m still waiting for my next Birkin. So you never know.