Wonder if Retail Sales were 'Off' the last few days??

  1. LOL, I wonder if National retail sales of bbags were 'off' this week :p

    I know that we must have a huge impact on sales with all our co-enablement :nuts:
  2. I agree! I tell you what, this 'break' was good for my budget. My hunger for bbags was so ridiculously in control. We probably better get back to work, keeping those SA's employed w/ good commisions!
  3. I would agree on being enablers!

    And you know- that's funny you say that b/c not to be a downer or anything, but once I finally "discover" something (and I'm always the last person on the planet to find anything new and exciting) --- it's on MSNBC Money or Health Watch.... something like that---

    like back in 2004- "low-carb guru Atkins reporting record sales for the first quarter"---- ok- duh- I did my diet that "quarter" haha~~


    "Kimberly-Clark- owner of Huggies brand is set to announce a surge in stock prices- this is due to the abnormally high number of babies born in 2001"

    haha~ ok- so that was a joke about the Huggies - but I'm tellin ya- I KNOW I contributed to that effect very much after my son was born and I know I'm definitely helping the Balenciaga economy as well :o)

  4. Yes, I do agree. Somehow my bbag obsession was under control for a couple of days....
  5. And I wonder if eBay sales were off too because "authenticate this" was down too!