Wonder if eBay checks out this forum

  1. I hope eBay checks out this forum, because they can learn from our experience to improve their ways of conducting business. For one thing, I think they should visit the "authenticate it" threads and the "post eBay fake" threads to check out all those fake bag listings and consider them for removal.
    What do you think?
  2. They dont care,
    They may look at this site as they place cookies on your computer that tells them what time you log on what websites you look at etc

    But right now its a gigantic out of control clandestine huge internet company
    that is so greedy and knows it has no proper competition that it does not care
  3. This whole thing about eBay putting cookies on our computer freaks me out, why is it legal for them to have information on what we look at? That is creepy, not that I have anything to hide but geez, they're all in our business. I suppose we could stop them by deleting cookies before and after we log into their site? What a pain huh? I just don' t know if that can lead into hackers also seeing our personal info?

  4. There's no way to run eBay efficiently without cookies - even your local newspaper uses them, and so does this site, btw.

    I doubt "eBay" reads or cares about this forum, as a corporation. It doesn't seem to pay much attention to its own forums - which are heavily used.

    Many people (over 4000) have posted complaining about the secret bidder policy over $200 - which means that unscrupulous sellers and buyers can both scam each other more easily. But nothing has changed.
  5. Well I have added e bay cookies to my blocked list and I can operate it all ok
  6. I doubt they check it out. I dont think they would want to be be bothered with it. And they could probably care less. I would prefer it if ebay didnt come on here.
  7. ebay could not care less, they make tons of money and they don't care
  8. Honestly, with RE fake bags, I wish that the handbag designers/manufacturers cared enough to have a dedicated VERO rep to take down the rampant fakes.
  9. Ebay makes money off of every listing - including the thousands of auctions for fake bags. They'll take an auction down IF someone reports it so it looks like they care....but really, what incentive do they have when they'll make $$ whether it's fake or not? I think that's also why they changed the whole "Bidder 1, Bidder 2..." thing to keep bidders anonymous - so they don't have to get any more emails from honest people reporting shillers. They just want more auction listings!
  10. hahaha if ebay checks out this forum & sees all I said about them, I am a dead woman :death: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Nope, they are too busying counting their dough.
  12. You are so right!
  13. Yep, agree, eBay doesn't care (nor PayPal). They get tons of complaints..... The bottom line is $$$$. And they are making tons of money off listing. They could careless if you are a victim of shilling or you being sold a counterfeit item.
  14. Although there was a member a few months ago who worked for Ebay on Vero and other things I remember. Unfortunately I can't remember her username, but perhaps someone else can - there were some interesting exchanges I recall. . .
  15. they do have a vero rep watching everything chanel at the moment
    this is his e mail

    so if you spot a fake sent it direct to chanel

    E bay are booting of so many reputable sellers right now, and they have changed the search I can remember when you typed in chanel handbags hundreds would come up now in the uk around 50 of which over half are fakes
    and uk listings are not showing up on e bay com even though they say worldwide

    E bay thiefbay fakebay