Wonder how many guy wondering around here ?

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  1. I'm a new member here, and realized that mostly are the girls who contribute on this forum, wheres the boy? Hehe, anyway, come and leave a reply here if you are male who madly in love with LV, by the way, I will post my first ever collection of mine here later, once I finish photo editing..haha...I love to give some special effect for my collection. See you all soon :P
  2. i am!!!! ....
  3. cant wait to see your collection... whats in it ???

  4. Ohh, you from Perth, I went to that store during my holiday over there, nice SAs....I got my bay that they specially send it over there from Melbourne, yes I'm from Melbourne, and I request them to send it to Perth so I can buy it there, because the my SA in Melb know that I want to buy a little something in every store in Australia..she nice
  5. Count me in, and can't wait for your collection thread. ;)

  6. Sure, can't let the girls do all the job here..haha :roflmfao:
  7. I'm not, check to see if there is a clubhouse or thread. Maybe you should start one "Men who LVoe LV" I often wonder myself. Will look out for your collection thread.

  8. I think I should start a clubhouse.....looking for it now.:biggrin:
  9. Welcome! I'm another LV-loving guy. :smile:
  10. Wonder how can I upload the photo in the thread? Anyone can help me?
  11. another guy here
  12. one more here !! :smile:
  13. welcome everyone...
  14. yeah im from perth.... its nice... a bit too quiet for me though.... but i love the chadstone store.... do you watch the block... they went there... i would be like take me to LV and i will bust out several grand on bags there... and then lets work on some chanel... and th list goes on... drools over all of the bags LOL :smile:
  15. also... there are a lot of men who use louis vuitton... they are just hiding.... im sure you would be able to weed them out :biggrin: