won two FAKE fendi's...

  1. now the sellers will not refund my money...

    "Hello- I stated in my auction that I was not a retail or fendi seller,all sales
    were final and there were no refunds. This person is not a Fendi seller also. I
    called my local Fendi store and was told also by them they would not guarantee
    any bag but would show comparable bags to view. This person has purchased Fendi
    bags before but is not and can not guarantee any bag. I would be glad to give
    you back 10.00 for your inconvience but the bag is not returnable. If you feel
    this is not suitable to you I would be glad to take the negative feedback and
    also leave the same. I stated in my auction to ask any questions and I would
    have told you the same thing. I did not know much about the bag."

    I know there are rules on eBay for selling fake bags... what steps do I have to take to get my money refunded?

    please help!!!

    thank you
  2. Oooh so sorry, I've never bought from eBay. I'm sure you'll get great advice from the tpf'ers!

    Good luck!
  3. Did you pay with Paypal? If so, did you pay with a credit card?
  4. yes I paid with paypal, and yes i paid with credit card.
  5. If you paid with paypal, you can file a claim for "significantly not as described" since she called it authentic, and it isn't. You will need to get a letter of non-authenticity from a place such as my poupette or caroldiva.com (which will cost you $$). You should win (I think), if you can do that.

    Alternatively, you file a chargeback against the buyer via the credit card you used to pay. This will piss off Paypal, and you would no longer have the option to go through Paypal's dispute process.

    Hopefully someone else can chime in with more details... there are tons of threads on this subject as well.
  6. I've had the best luck with these types of things by filing a claim with paypal first, THEN contacting my CC company. Tell them that you have already filed with paypal and they will communicate directly with them. Never file a chargeback with your CC company before PP because then PP will make your account balance negative and it's a huge hassle to deal with that way.

    You may not need to get a letter of authenticity yet -- wait to see if PP requires it before you spend the money on it. I'm currently dealing with the same thing (I paid with Amex) and so far I haven't been asked for a letter.
  7. You need to open a dispute with paypal NOW as significantly not as described and escalate to a claim, paypal will freeze the sellers funds.

    Go to carol diva or mypoupette.com and ask for a letter of non-authenticity right away. paypal will ask for this.
  8. Also keep all your emails from the seller. It is completely illegal to sell counterfeit merchandise, so she's up a creek if she can't prove authenticity. She can't back out by saying she's not sure.

    She also cannot threaten to leave you negative FB if you file a claim.
  9. okay, then I want to avoid pissing off paypal. I sell and buy a lot of things on eBay, and would like to have them on my good side! Will the fact that she did state that she didn't know much about the bag in her description be a problem?


    Link to her ebay listing?

    the second bag was in fact described as 100% authentic..


    there is the listing for that one...
  10. wonderful!!! I have opened the paypal disputes... I feel much better.. the urge to throw up has lessened!

    this certainly looks like a disclaimer of authenticity to me....
  12. I don't understand what you mean?
  13. I just had a thought... I am not sure I can return the bags if in fact the seller will refund if I return it... Isn't there a law against this?
  14. Just b/c the seller is not a retailer for Fendi does not mean she can sell counterfeit items. She's using that as an excuse. That's pretty much a statement that says you're not an authorize retailer which most sellers aren't. Most sellers sell from their own closet but does that mean we can all sell fake stuff? Of course not. Keep us posted on how the Paypal and cc disputes go. good luck!
  15. Yeah, what I mean is, you MUST guarantee authenticity to sell a bag on eBay. She is basically giving a disclaimer there saying she can't be held responsible because she's not a retailer for Fendi, which is a no-no.