Won red medium flap with bijoux chain from ebay

  1. it's sooo gorgeous!!! congrats. can't wait for the pics
  2. Yay! Congrats! It is a beautiful shade of red, and very rare, truly a collector's piece :smile:
  3. I'm glad because it's not more than the retail price in Australia. Moreover, red is really rare. I went to Sydney and ask for the price. They have a white one and the price is AUD3800. I think its a little bit less from the white one after country import tax.:smile:
  4. My heart skipped a beat, my how pretty that is!
  5. Oh, I was watching that auction. Congrats on a lovely bag!
  6. That bag is so hot! Congrats!
  7. The bag is so beautiful. I'm glad she's yours!! Congratulations.
  8. Congrats!:smile:
  9. Thank you all. Today must be my luckiest day.

    I'm actually sick at home today. This morning while I was checking emails, I try my luck searching on eBay (I normally seach everyday, but haven't have time these few days because I'm too busy at work). When I saw this bag, I said to myself "this is too good to be true". Then, I submitted my first offer, it declined :sad:. Then, I submitted my second offer. It accepted my offer and said the seller will repond within 48 hours if there is no higher bid. After few hours, I check my eBay again, the seller already accepted my offer.

    I will be turning 30 this year, so, this will be a present for myself :p or I might tell my hubby tonite so that he'll pay for the bag.
  10. i love the bijoux chain, it looks really great with the bag.
    congrats and enjoy!
  11. I was watching that bag too. Congrats to you for giving the best offer!
    I love the red but I want a jumbo.
  12. Big congrats, your bag is gorgeous! I adore it! It's gotta take at least five years off the big 30.;)
  13. congrats on getting this beauty. The size is perfect as well.
  14. Congrats - this is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: