Won PP claim for counterfeit. . .but now retalitory feedback?

  1. I received a counterfeit wallet, and filed a dispute, which was necessary to escalate to a claim. (Seller wouldn't respond to my emails when contacted about the item being fake!) I won the claim and received my money back. (YAY!) . . . As an eBay member,I felt it was my responsibility to leave honest feed back for the seller, to warn others, so of course I left negative FB stating "just the facts". Now, as one might expect, she leaves me negative FB in retaliation. I thought (mistakenly?) that in a case where a seller looses a paypal claim, their feedback would be blocked? No?!? (Should I contact eBay about this?) Thanks for any input on this!
  2. i would respond to her FB and say she sold you a fake or try to have eBay withdraw it.i just did the same but left a neutral because the refunded my $$ no problem. i should've left it sooner though because someone bought the relisted fake. i wonder if they will leave me FB...
  3. OH :shocked: for such that - feedback, it's better if you leave at the last minute so she can't reply you anyway, what - she left you? You paid item so what she wrote about you?
  4. I was grateful that paypal had me return the counterfeit item to them, to be destroyed. If returned to the seller, it just perpetuates, this nonsense of selling fakes. I don't see how a seller can do anything to be more deserving of negative FB than selling fakes! If we don't speak up and be honest, this problem will continue to escalate on ebay!:tdown:
  5. Her comments were nonsense (as one would expect), claiming that I didn't ask beforehand if the item was fake. . . . and that she didn't receive the item back. (thank goodness, PayPal destroyed it). The thing that concerns me is not her comments , but the "RED MINUS SIGN."
  6. I will be in the same boat soon ... I received a fake LV and had to escalate it to a claim because the seller wouldn't refund my money, stating she purchased it herself. Well duh, that doesn't mean it's real. I'm still waiting for the final word and I'm also concerned that she will leave neg FB for me. I completely agree that people who are proven to sell counterfeits should not be allowed to leave FB for the unsuspecting buyers who bought them.
  7. yeah well, that just goes to say you should READ all feedback because there are plenty of people who leave positives saying they got a fake bag. her entire selling history may be fakes but i am only positive of one. research before bidding...
    i think that there is a way that eBay can pull that negative for you too. so that there isn't the big minus sign. it will still show on ToolHAus. though
  8. Some people go to Ebay to buy actual fakes. Sellers don't always see the problem.
  9. Ebay will not pull the negative. Not for any reason unless the seller gets suspended within a certain period of time after leaving it. Been there done that.
    Welcome to Ebay.
  10. I feel for you, unfortunately my only negative was in response to the negative I left a counterfeit seller too. eBay wouldn't get rid of it, which i think is pretty bad considering she lied and said I was trying to keep the bag!
  11. If you are worried about negative feedbacks showing up if you buy designer items it is always best to have two accounts one for buying and one for selling! it has worked for me for 4 yrs!
  12. I too have one negative that came from a seller who never sent me the item. I won the Paypal claim (although never recovered the money as it seems he had wiped out his account), alerted Ebay to his fraudulent contact details, not to mention theft, but still received and have to keep the negative. I replied to his negative and don't think a single sale has been affected. I was terribly upset at the time, but believe me, this is a badge of integrity and not being willing to be bullied. You did the right thing and the Ebay community will see this for what it is - a person with enough integrity to share their experiences honestly and who is not cowed by pathetic retaliatory threats. Well done you!
  13. I received my first neg from a seller who wouldn't contact me after the auction (clothing). 6 emails in 3 weeks with no reply so I left neg. THey negged me 2 months later saying I didn't give them a chance to reolve the issue! I just replied to their feedback. I complained to ebay but they wouldn't do anything. The items were relisted just last week and sold for LESS! KArma is a beautiful thing.

    Short story, don't worry about negs.... don't be held to ransom by it. If we are scared of retaliatory feedback, then the dodgy sellers win as they can continue their unethical practices with no fear of reprisal!!
  14. If it is your buyer account, I wouldn't worry about it. Just respond to the FB she left you stating that it is illegal to sell fakes on ebay....or something calm and factual.

    Ebay won't remove it, I wouldn't worry about it to much if you are just a buyer, although it always hurts to get your first neg. If you sell, open another account for buying. There are certain guidelines in wich they will remove FB but you would have to look on ebay to see if you qualify.

    Good luck, and you really did the right thing....people deserve to know about her fakes.
  15. hm.. this happened to me about a year ago. however, instead of purchasing a fake handbag, i received a knockoff Nokia cell phone.. yes, a knockoff CELL PHONE.. Asia is getting good. Anyhow, I left the company negative feedback after getting my money back, and they ended up leaving negative feedback to me too. And till this day, I still have 1 negative feedback..