Won Paypal claim, seller wants bag back!

  1. I filed for a claim when I bought a fake Chloe Paddington bag in July. After 2 months of waiting Paypal decided in my favor, but they asked me to destroy the bag first and fax them a form that I have done so. And now the bag has been disposed of and just today the seller me an e-mail saying that she had her solicitor involved and I have 7 days to return the bag.

    What would you do if you were in my shoes?Thanks for your replies! ;)
  2. I'd tell her the bag was destroyed as per Paypal's instructions. Send her the form if you wish. Too bad for her, she can't sell it to another unsuspecting person!
  3. I would tell them you were directed by paypal to destroy the bag and you no longer have it.
  4. Tell her solicitor that she was committing a crime, see how involved they are then. I would maybe contact Paypal and ask them who you should put the solicitor (if there is one) in touch with.
  5. ^ I am also doubtful if there is a solicitor. I think she is trying to scare you into giving her bag back. Tell her to contact paypal if she wants confirmation the bag was destroyed.
  6. She is just calling your blufff!

    your in the UK tell her you have taken all her details from the paypal claim and have passed them on to trading standards- that will shut her up!
  7. Thanks for your replies .... I'm pretty sure she's trying to intimidate me. I will just ignore her but if she persists, I will definitely follow your advice!
  8. I agree with just telling her Paypal said to destroy it - I have to say though I am soooo happy for you winning your claim! I lost mine in June/July for a fake Kooba - I was devastated! Not to be nosy, but was your seller by chance a lady named Dorothy or "Dot"?
  9. Sorry this has happened to you, jrhyle. This seller is certainly trying to intimidate you into returning her bag, so that she can sell it on to someone else. Unless she has cast iron evidence that her bag was authentic (which she would, of course, already have shared with paypal), no solicitor would get involved in this case. Really good advice given here, which will hopefully give you the confidence to stand your ground with this lady. Best of luck and I hope she has the sense to drop the matter.
  10. I agree with everyone...I highly doubt she has a solicitor involved.
  11. I would probably just ignore her email. You did what PayPal instructed and you have your money back. I wouldn't even bother answering her. If you decide to respond, just tell her PayPal instructed you to destroy it and that you will no longer correspond with her. JMO... I really don't think you owe her a response.
  12. No one's going to pay a lawyer for this small dispute. Ignore her.
  13. If you really want to make her mad forward a copy of the e-mail Paypal sent you telling you to destroy the bag. Tell her to give that to her solicitor.:roflmfao:
  14. can you please let us know what is the seller's eBay name so we know not to deal with her! :smile: thanks.
  15. LOL.. you should send her the destroyed bag back for a laugh. Make sure it's completely and totally destroyed, and spraypaint the word fake on it to get your point across. Don't forget to include a copy of the Paypal's instructions to destroy/dispose the bag.