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  1. I bought an item on eBay not realising that she was selling fakes. It was moment of madness and at first glance it looked real. The more i looked at it looked fake. Soooo st**id.I told her i want to withdraw since i saw she was also selling fake LV. She said she will report me and have nonpayment strike on my acc. I couldn't believe the cheek of the b****!!

    what can i do? Can i still report her for selling fakes even though i have won her item?
  2. I'm pretty sure you can, but you should post pictures on the authentication forum to confirm that it's fake. Good luck!
  3. yes also contact ebay if you are sure it is fake so they cancel the auction, I am sure they can still cancel after it ends,,,that way she cant give you feedback

  4. It is fake as she is selling a LV for £50:tdown: and the colour is all wrong.

  5. It is fake as she is selling a LV for £50:tdown: and the colour is all wrong.

    I just notice the auction is gone.
  6. I'm having a bad night and it ain't never been this bad. I bid on another item and notice that this seller has sold fake goods in the past including fake lv. I just paid for the item as soon as i won it. I was really sure this time its real but I am really dubious now. I check seller paypal and has no address listed.
  7. If the auction was removed, you are in the clear. You should have received an e-mail from eBay stating this. They might advise you NOT to complete the transaction.

    It's a shame you already sent $$$!!
  8. Both items that i bid on is still there fingers cross it will be gone by tomorrow.
  9. Fluffly, I would suggest you start getting things authenticated before you buy them.
  10. Keep reporting it and post a link in the "Report this LV" section so even more people will keep reporting it.
  11. I agree. We're here to help and I'd rather give you advice on what accessory to go with your LV than advice on how to get out of a fake LV. :heart:
  12. Have you posted the auction link to either "Authenticate This!" or to "Report This LV"??? I'm so curious to see it.
  13. No i didn't because it wasn't lv goodies. It was UGG boots. I don't think you can have those authenticated here, can you?
  14. I'm sorry i should of mentioned it. I was a bit distracted that seller was selling fake LV. Seller has either deleted the listing or it was removed.

    In closer inspection the UGG had a definite line across the sole. :tdown:

    The other seller that i had paid had two of the same. It looks real but dubious with no paypal add.

    Don't worry i'm the silly one bidding without really checking. :shame: