won dispute with paypal, I'm sending the bag back do I need to pay for insurance, etc

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  1. I won a dispute on paypal for a dirty Coach that was advertised as wonderful condition.

    Paypal told me no furthur action was needed, but the seller finally emailed me and said she wants the bag back. Since I already got my money from paypal, should I really care if the dang thing gets lost in the mail? I think I should just send it parcel post with delivery conf and be done with it. I hate even sending it back bc I know she'll sell it again (I'm going to leave fb saying "filthy coach suede wave bag, lousy seller" so that maybe someone will see it)

    What do you gals think? she has no recourse if the bag does get lost bc paypals dispute is closed right?
  2. In your situation, I will send back the bag in the least expensive method (USPS Parcel Post) with delivery confirmation and with insurance.
  3. yeah, I just hate to waste $4.40 on stupid insurance for this stupid bag

    I guess I should reword my question
    what would the sellers recourse be if it did get lost in the mail? I already got my refund from paypal and the claim w paypal is closed.
  4. Yes, you already got your refund, so you have nothing to worry about (no negative, no strike, and et.).

    Just to be nice, you are doing the seller a favor by returning the dirty bag. Therefore, you should not be responsible for shipping costs. Ask the seller to pay for the shipping charge and insurance. Let the seller know that if the seller does not want to pay for the insurance, then you are not responsible for any loss/damage during shipment. Document the email messages just in case.
  5. I'm really glad you prevailed with Paypal but the bag should be returned to the seller in a timely manner. Which unfortunetly means regular post. I wouldn't insure it. Getting delivery confirmation should be enough. I believe that what goes around comes around. Even if she's not a truthful seller doesn't mean you shouldn't be gracious in victory.
  6. Yeah, if I were you, I'd return the bag on my dime, regular post and delivery confirmation (this will protect you, should she try to claim that you never returned it). Insuring the bag would protect her, so I wouldn't bother. You could tell her you are shipping it and offer to insure it if she'd like to pay for that, if you want to be nice. Congratulations for winning your dispute!!!
  7. ^ well I guess that is the OP's question: can the seller claim she never returned it in case she doesnt use insurance? as in, where could she claim? if I understand right, paypal does only open one dispute per transaction??? so how would it matter if the bag got lost?
  8. exactly, paypal told me no further action was needed at all, but I am returning the bag. I'm just wondering how it would be my fault or problem if it got lost in the mail.

    I just hate this woman and dont want to communicate with her for another minute

  9. I totally understand your not wanting to deal with this women, believe me. And I'm sorry if I got the gest of your question wrong. I wouldn't be your problem if the bag got lost. Most times things don't go missing when you mail them so not insuring it shouldn't be a problem. If it did get lost, she wouldn't be able to contact you, unless she kept your email address and then all you have to do is hit the delete button...
  10. Congrats on winning your case!
  11. Hooray! I am so happy that you got your money back! :yahoo:IMO, I would send the purse back as parcel post and get delivery confirmation and that's it.
  12. I think you should send using a secure method as much for your own sake as in the seller's interests. I understand how mad you are and how frustrating it is to spend money on ending a transaction with a seller you have found a nightmare, but the nightmare could continue unless the bag is dispatched by a safe method - hope you know what I mean?
  13. Personally I would just send it back priority mail with delivery confirmation. You can buy the label on the USPS website and the delivery confirmation is free.
    Why on earth would you insure it??
  14. ugh! I HATE this woman! Here's the email I get from her today
    Again, if you do not respond to this email or if you don't send us the bag back to us, we will be forced to take further action. I can can file a counter grievance with paypal and make you give us back the money. Please respond ASAP. Thank you

    I sent the stupid bag back parcel post w delivery confirmation today. she's in the same state as me so it shouldn't take to long

    Anyone know about this counter grievance crap she's talking about? I thought once paypal said it's done, it's done.

    Again, this is eBay seller genuinehandbags - STAY AWAY!
  15. Has Paypal told you to return the bag yet? Make sure you follow their process, just in case something goes hinky later. I've heard other people say to make sure to wait until Paypal tells you to return it.