Won Chloe bag last Tues, no bag, no contact from seller!!

  1. I won a Chloe paddington last Tuesday, paid immediately, and have sent the seller several emails, none of which have received replies. Tomorrow will be 7 days since I won and paid for the auction, and I sent her an email stating that I expect the bag to be shipped tomorrow in accordance with eBay rules. What really bugs me is that the seller lives about 5 min. from my house, so if she shipped it (Priority with sig. conf.) it should have been here by now.

    She is an established seller with 100% feedback, and I suspect she is a TPFer, as her username is the same here, along with her state. I don't know what to think: either she doesn't want to sell the bag to me (I have 100% pos. fb), or it is fake.... When can I appeal to eBay...Is it 10 days after the auction ends and is paid for?
  2. Some sellers are not very communicative. It may show up on your doorstep this week without any contact with her at all. If it never arrives, then you open a dispute with eBay. I'm not sure how much time you need to give them, but I've waited nearly a month before receiving an item I bought.
  3. I wouldnt wait a month- especially as its not an international seller but someones in the same state as you.
    You can open a dispute as item not recieved after the 7 days, just by opening a dispute that is normally enough for the seller to contact you. If not then escalate to a claim. By putting in a dispute you are merely covering yourself!
  4. Thank you both! I merely asked her to email me when the bag was shipped so I could be sure to be home for the required signature. I'd rather not schlep both my kids to the P.O.
  5. That really ticks me off! Send her a final email and tell the seller you are going to open a dispute with 24 hours if you do not hear from her. Open the dispute if you get no answer. I recently had a similar problem with a pair of shoes, when I opened the dispute, I got a refund instantly! Okay by me!
    Good luck!
  6. I would report it as well! That is not fair, you paid immediately. Now she has your money and the bag... Although maybe she had some kind of emergency or something and didn't have time to email you. Just try to be nice, as hard as that may be sometimes, and usually that will work out better!
  7. Has she been active on tpf?

    I'm not sure what the rules are about posting auctions but has she sold anything else recently?
  8. Bellacherie, four of her auctions ended on 8/20,
    including the one I won:

    Rare Chloe Paddington in Taupe Handbag Lock Purse Bag

    [​IMG] 100% Authentic Guaranteed-Comes with Tag

    $35.00 Aug-20 21:48 [​IMG]
    Rare Chanel Black Lambskin Clutch Pochette Purse Bag

    [​IMG] 100% Authentic Guar.-Comes with Tags and Receipt

    $35.00 Aug-20 21:36 [​IMG]
    Authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 Tote Bag

    [​IMG] 100% Auth.Guar.-Comes with Dustbag, Receipt, Lock, Keys

    $30.00 Aug-20 21:24 [​IMG]
    Auth. Louis Vuitton Monogram Pocket Agenda / Checkbook

    [​IMG] 100% Authentic Guar.-Wallet--Excellent Condition Rare

    $15.00 Aug-20 05:40

    Now I suppose it is possible she is on vacation, but why wouldn't you leave buyers a note informing them of that fact? I do not believe she has been active on tPF in the last few months...
  9. That is very strange. I would request her contact details and then call her.
  10. How annoying. I always ship within a day or two of the auction ending. I would not wait a month, I am too impatient for that! I hope thst it all works out for you.
  11. Ebay doesn't require the seller to ship the item within 7days.

    Paypal requires them to ship within 7 days if they want to be covered under paypals seller protection plan. Federal Trade Commission gives them 30 days.

    Now there is honestly no reason, the seller can't have an item shipped out in 7 days, or at least send you an email to let you know what is up.....it is just not good business.

    I would get the contact information and call this person. They have a great FB rating, no red flags that would normally make you worry. You have plenty of time to file an INR.

    I hope all works out for you, and you get your bag soon.
  12. Hi. Maybe the seller is on vacation? I give about 10-14 days, then I ask the seller where the item is.
  13. This does seem a bit unusual that in 7 days you've had no correspondence, however, if her feedback is good, maybe there has been an emergency or some circumstances that have prevented her from corresponding. Hopefully, the item will show at your door asap.
  14. Have you checked to see if she has entered any new listings during this time frame?
    Any type of activity on tPF?
  15. Thanks for all of your replies! I actually received the bag today, literally ten minutes after I requested her contact info from ebay and was about to give her a call. Still no responses to ANY of my emails. The bag looks good, but I can't get a good pic of the heatstamp. (I swear, I don't see anything, could it be that faint??) I posted pics for authentication in the Chloe forum. Now what am I supposed to do if I need to ask her a ques. about the heatstamp if she won't communicate?