Won, but face problems paying through paypal

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  1. Hi there!

    I just won a bid for a bag. The total with shipping ended up to slightly more than USD2,000. I am unable to pay through my paypal linked with my ebay. Because the policy allows me to send up to a maximum of 2K.


    I emailed the seller for suggestions.

    But, if anyone here ever faced the same type of problems before, please kindly give me some advice.

    Thank you! :heart:
  2. Cant you just pay for the bag thru the link and the use the send money option for the amount still due? Or is that not allowed for some reason?:confused1:
  3. I clicked on the link, but paypal does not allow me to pay a payment more than USD2K

    Guess the only way out is to split the payment.
  4. Can't you send it in two separate payments? Get the seller to send you two invoices with half the amount each
  5. make sure both has the bay item#
  6. classicsgirl & i_love_yorkie: that is brilliant!!! I am such a newbie to ebay... i didn't even think that the seller can send two separate invoices.

    i was thinking that i could perhaps send her two payments through paypal directly but that would be maximum risk. Thank you! :heart:
  7. Should you confirm your Paypal account first, because unconfirmed accounts have sending limits I think 2k per month.