won bid - but bag is FAKE - what do i do?

  1. I bid on a bag that was very deceiving..then decidedmust check with the Forum experts..who confirmed that the bag is fake...although i could not tell..but someone pointed out the tell tale signs..

    i had already bid..couldnt retract and then to my horror i won the bid!

    Got advice from the forum experts...who said DONT PAY - ITS FAKE - DVERTISED AS ORIGINAL...

    So i wrote calm message to the seller telling her i believed bag was fake - she is livid and is threatening slander! she wants to know the name of the person who claims its is fake..wants to leave me neg feedback...

    I know I bid...but i honestly thought it looked real...am i bound to buy the bag if i find out she has passed it off as real but it is really a fake...??

    she says..its impossible to tell in the photos it is fake...bt it looks like the heat stamp is evident...

    what shall i do?

    Pls help...I know i bid...but i dont want a fake..i found out after winning the bid that it was fake...
  2. Have you got a link to the auction? What bag is it?
  3. Please post link to auction and also the link to the authenticate this thread.
  4. Telling someone they think their bag is fake is not slander. The seller is just is defensive because she/he got busted.
  5. I would not worry about it. Be real glad you DIDN'T pay because you would really have more problems. She can give you bad feedback but so what. Next time I wouldn't say you thought it was a fake just say you shouldn't have bid and so so very sorry. She may have been mad but at least this wouldn't be going on. Sometimes we have to fudge the truth ~ I would not worry though. It is only one transaction

  6. She is trying to intimidate.

    Tell her you do not want to go through w/ the deal as your found out her items are counterfeit.
    If she threatens you w/ neg feedback, you can always respond to her feedback (am I correct ladies??).

    Good luck, keep us posted!
  7. ^^ Yes you are correct

    I'm no LV expert but I always get suspicious how such high value items go so cheap, would make alarm bells ring to me
  8. Totally agree with everyone else. Just take the hit (NPB strike and neg she will inevitably leave you). As long as you respond to the NPB that she files against you, you can neg her back, and you should.

    Better than being out $400 on a fake bag.
  9. Will eBay side w/ her if she tells them she didn't go through with the deal because the seller was selling counterfeits?
  10. I'm not sure since I don't have personal experience with it, but my guess is eBay will side with the seller since the buyer won't have any "proof" that the bag is counterfeit. It always seems to be eBay's stance that the transaction should continue, then the buyer should have to prove that it's not authentic once it's in their hands, which seems like a big waste of time and a lot of frustration to me when you know a bag is fake.
  11. I have an idea...
    Note her other two listings.
    Perhaps someone can post the LV Keepall on the authenticate this thread.
    If this turns out to be fake, we can all report it.

    Then ebay will have something on record regarding this seller.
  12. This is a good idea. I already reporting the particular auction in question, too. I have seen eBay remove auctions after they have ended before, so it's worth a try.
  13. this is an evil thought, but what if we all go and report that auction as a fake and get it taken down? then, the buyer won't have any responsibility to the seller

    what do you gals think? you can report closed auctions
  14. I am going to post both listings again on the authenticate thread...pls take a look and give me ur advice...

    By the way all of you THANKS A MILLION!!!:sweatdrop: