Won best offer... but having doubts. Help!

  1. I won the best offer for this marc jacobs bag, and I know I shouldnt have made an offer until I was sure it was authentic... but I asked the seller (who I have been emailing back and forth negotiating the offer) for more pics, she sends me an invoice but does not respond at all to the additional pics. And I know she has to be there, since she sent me an invoice afterwards... what should I do? What kind of repercussions are there if I end up not paying (which I dont think I'll do, I may jut pay and hope for the best?)... Ack, I dont know.
  2. You have 7 days to pay so there's no need to rush. I don't think you should've offered until you were sure you wanted it but I know the temptation. I think you still have time to communicate with the seller and if she/he doesn't respond then I would wonder about that. In any case, if you have serious doubts about authenticity I suppose it's better to get a negative/NPB than to end up with a fake.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I just saw on another thread that you get a few npb before any real action is taken? I'm hoping she will still send the pics, and it'll all work out, since she has 100% feedback. Waiting... I've been burned by eBay before, its so nerve wracking these days!!
  4. I am not scolding you, but this has happened to me before (as a seller)...buyer bids on auction, buyer wins, buyer asks for more pictures. It is annoying to be asked after the fact, but the seller should still respond...ignoring your requests is not the route to take. If you feel at all uncomfortable about paying before getting additional pics/info, then hold off on paying...better to be safe than sorry...better to be stuck with a NPB strike than a fake bag and a dispute.
  5. First off it is possible that the seller has her account set up to automatically send an invoice to the winning bidder/offer on her auctions...
    Second... Pretty sure you are talking about the Blake and that was ok'd on the authenticate this MJ thread once she gave you the pics. Right?
    You are in the clear - pay her and enjoy your bag when you get it!!
  6. please watch your attitude, we do not permit name calling or racial slurs here. PERIOD.

    Also, how could they automate a best offer invoice? I think that sounds suspect.

  7. http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/best-offer.html

    "You can even set the Best Offer system to automatically accept or decline offers based on price limits you set."

    With this, I think you can also send an automatic invoice. I'm not 100% sure, but am looking into it.

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  9. ITA. NOT nice at all. :push:
  10. ^^ I agree too, totally unwarranted and uncalled for.

    To the OP, ask for more pictures of the bag, if she doesn't send them, I would regard that as highly suspicious and therefore don't pay her. It is better to get a negative than to have to spend weeks trying to get your money back. I wouldn't just pay if you have doubts about the item - it is a real PITA to get your money back for a fake item. If she is a legitimate seller she will send you more pics.

  11. This bag was already posted on the Authenticate this MJ bag thread and approved. As far are I know this is a done deal. :tup:

    The scab thing is sooo lame. I sure hope you note the responses here to your term and refrain from using in in the future. :push:
  12. Oh ok, good :biggrin: It's just with all these "Aah I got scammed" threads, it's best to make sure.
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