Won auction but buyer re listed my item??

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  1. maybe she had more than one
  2. Oh I really doubt it..Its the same pictures as well.
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    It really does look like she didn't want to sell it for less than the BIN price. :rant:

    I -hate- when sellers do this. I collect and refurbish old (collectible) fountain pens and estate jewelry... and so many sellers believe that great aunt agnes' junque MUST be secretly worth a zillion dollars and so I've had a lot of situations happen exactly like yours... (I bid, won, paid immediately, and the buyer tries to cancel the sale or says items got sold already or they 'can't find them'). I really think it's sleazy and ebay should do something about it.

    I have honestly started refusing to cancel auctions just so sellers can get their listing fees back. I don't think it's fair to list items for really low starting bids with the backup plan of canceling the sale if they don't like the selling price.

    I agree that there's no way that your seller had 2 identical stained wallets of the same type and colour. Those are unquestionably the same pics.

    If it were me, I would likely wait 24-48 hours to see if the wallet gets marked as sent... I think with dodgy ebay sellers (and people in general) if you ask them about it, their guilty conscience will put their back up and it will degenerate from there.

    Guess I'd (personally) wait and see.

    Not very satisfactory, I agree...

    PS I hate seeing that nice wallet abused in that manner... it would be so much prettier after it was bathed and reconditioned :sad:

    PPS Edited to add: I really like your hello kitty kitty avatar :heart:
  4. Thank you for the reply....I don't have much hope that she has two identical stained wallets for sale. I just wonder if she did not want to sell it to me for the auction price then why has she not refunded me? I haven't heard anything from her. I checked my summary page and noticed she re listed for $50 BIN..What a joke eBay has become. :sad:
  5. If I were you I would send her an email asking politely what's going on. If she is not willing to sell it she has to refund your money and you should report her and leave negative feedback she deserved.
  6. I emailed her but have yet to get a response. I'm thinking about calling eBay. She has my money and looks to be re listing the exact same wallet.
  7. At this point, I'd wait it out and file for non-receipt. That way, she'll need to provide a tracking number and prove delivery, something she won't be able to do.

    And if she loses the case, she'll have an account ding on record.

    Sellers who list without reserves need to follow through on their obligations regardless of the selling price. And when they don't do that, they deserve whatever sanctions ebay doles and whatever feedback they receive.

    And if she requests a mutual, deny it. Don't ignore or she'll get it anyway.
  8. She has been an ebay member for over a year but has no feedback so I wonder if maybe she just doesn't understand that a sale is a sale even if you don't get what you want for it. Hopefully she will clue in when she receives your email.

    I wouldn't waste my time calling ebay. You will get either the wallet or your money back and I don't think calling them will alter the outcome of this.
  9. Thank you...I was going to call eBay this morning and complain but after your advice I might wait. You're right eBay will do nothing to help me.

    I emailed her yesterday and still have no response. At this point i pretty much have given up that I will receive the wallet i won. But now I would really like my money back.

    I don't usually buy from zero FB sellers but I have been looking for this wallet to match my Jade Hailey. :sad:

    Does anyone know how many days I have to wait before I file a claim? I've never had a problem with a seller before it has always been buyers. :smile:
  10. You'll get a refund. I believe it's after 7 days have passed that you can file a non-receipt dispute.
  11. Thank you BB..If I file INR then she will lose her listing fee's I hope.
  12. If you click 'Contact seller ' and ' I haven't received my item yet' it will show you the closest date you can open a case
  13. Listing fees are probably free. Ebay gives about 2 million free monthly listings.

    As for filing INR, I don't think that'll change the FVF but if she loses and has to refund, she might send you a mutual request. If you deny the request (i.e., you want the item and the cancellation isn't by mutual agreeement), she'll have to pay the FVF. But it's just $1.75 (10% of the total) that she'd lose.
  14. This!