Won an auction, pd, & now the seller is "no longer a registered user"

  1. I'm am PIS*#D:cursing:!! I won an auction on Friday and paid within the specified time that she requested and asked the seller to let me know when it will be shipped. I didn't hear from her so I figured I'll contact her again just in case she didn't get my first email, so I sign on to eBay and find out that she is "no longer a registered user"! What the F#@?! I immediately contacted eBay and they referred me to Paypal. I filed a dispute and upgraded it to a claim. They suggested I wait to see if the item showed up...." :censor:" I said, I'm doing it right now because I'm not gonna let her get away with it! Who are these people and why do they do this?! I'm so steamed and upset at the same time because it was something that I was looking for for the longest time and now this happens! I'm seriously thinking about no buying on eBay anymore and just selling. I have more headaches with sellers that I just don't think it's worth it anymore!! UGH!!
  2. Ebay should have sent you a notice telling you not to complete the transaction. Paypal should take care of it for you though.
  3. I think she waited until I paid and then terminated with eBay. I hope Paypal takes care of it as I'm just really upset right now.
  4. Had she been a seller on eBay very long? Did she reply to any of your e-mails?

    There's an off-chance that she's one of those oddballs that figures since she sold what she wanted there's no reason to keep an eBay account anymore. It's more likely a scam though, so I don't blame you for escalating your claim. Hope you get your money back.
  5. She's been selling since Sept. '06 and she has not responded to any of my e-mails. I think she's a scam because I think she would have at least let me know if my item was shipped. If she just decided to terminate her account, then that's none of my business but I just want a response from her letting me know what happened but by her just closing out the account and not answering me at all makes me suspicious. I hope Paypal sees it the way I do.:sad::cry:
  6. I'm sure Paypal would see it that way, don't worry. It's so clear cut to me. You bought something, seller's acct is no longer registered and you don't have the item. Just keep on top of it w/ Paypal. Good luck! Please keep us posted.
  7. How did you pay for the item? If you paid with a credit card, call them immediately and tell them you have already contacted eBay/paypal. That way you're covered from all angles. Good luck!
  8. Thanks everyone......it's just nice to be able to talk to anyone that'll listen so that way I won't fell so sorry for myself and try not to let it get to me.
  9. How horrible! Paypal should definitely side with you in this case. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  10. That's what I was thinking. Hopefully you used a credit card so you can do a chargeback if necessary.
  11. I used my Paypal Buyer Credit so it's not like it was out of my pocket, so it's the same as a credit card.
  12. This actually happened to me once, and Paypal sided with me on the claim, but I never got my money back, because the seller never had money in her account again. It's been 2 years now, and the claim still shows up in my Paypal overview as being open! I'm not trying to scare you of course:smile: You are lucky that you paid with a credit card- mine was an instant transfer, so there was no way to get the $ back.
  13. Paypal has a policy, which is a guarantee that allows you to claim your money back if you file your complaint within 45 days of purchase. So go for it.

  14. Is it possible that the seller has been suspended for something not related to your buying the item?

    She may have breached policies of some other kind in which case her account would be suspended (she'd show as not a registered user) though, temporarily.

    It happened with a seller i bought from before. They were 'not a registered user' for a few days, then they were reinstated and i received the goods in the meantime.

    Either way, she should still honour the transaction.

    I hope everything works out ok and you get either your money back or your goods.:yes:

    Best of luck x
  15. i'm sorry that thi thing happened to you, this happened to me too on june i won an auction for over1k, after i paidthe seller, few mniutesafter she receive the money , become non registered, i panic and called paypal explain the whole thing, there advice is too wait for since its too early to escalate the claim, and i said no way, that i going to let Bit&*%$ get away w/ my money, then the seller atrat threatining me , harassing me saying that she already send out the package and i'm the scammer trying to get her bagfor free, so i 've waited for 9 days, thinknig maybe she has really send the bag, and promised her that if she really shipped out the bag and i received it i will reverse the payment..she still so upset. waited 9 days , no package, called paypal , the rep said that the seller called few days ago to verify that the item was returned..( thinking by who??).. so to make the lnog story short, paypal sided on me and refund whatever they can get from the seller w/c is half only, and beside paypal saidthat the protection is only up to 200$, that i got lucky that they are willing to give me atleast half.. but i did'nt settle for that, i constantly call on paypal trying to get the 1k, its a pain in the ass dealing w/ them that finally they credit my other half.. so i hope you get you money, and don't stop calling paypal.