Won an auction and paid, but says "unclaimed" in paypal.

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  1. I thought I would double check myself because I am a little worried about an auction I won. I won an item on September 10th and paid that same day. I noticed, however, that ebay said the payment was "pending" and paypal said the payment was "unclaimed". I messaged the seller and asked them to double check the email address and let me know. Seller didn't respond. I messaged again on the 13th. Seller responded this morning and said the item is listed as unpaid on her end through ebay.

    I asked her again to check the email address and gave her the exact email address I paid through paypal. I noticed that next to her email address it says "unregistered". Does this mean that the email address is not attached to a paypal account? She seems pretty clueless about the whole thing and doesn't seem really motivated to solve the problem. She is probably a little upset that I got a pretty good deal for the bag and doesn't really want me to have it for that price.

    Any advice? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. Can you call paypal and ask them about it? They'll be able to see what the seller needs to do.
  3. I can try again, but they told me to contact the seller and said that if it is still unclaimed after 30 days, they will refund me the money automatically.
  4. Unless you really want the item and feel like waiting you can always cancel the payment.
  5. There are some possibility for this problem.

    1.The seller hasn’t signed up for a PayPal account. (this is unlikely)
    2.You sent money to an email address the seller hasn’t added to their PayPal account. As soon as they add the address to their account and confirm it, the money will show up in their balance.
    3.The seller is still deciding whether they want to accept your payment.

    Whatever the reason, I think the seller has to fix this from their side. Is the seller new?
  6. Newish, has sold three items. I am hoping they made a mistake with their email address or have a new one that they forgot to put in the listing. It is making me nervous that they don't really seem to want to solve the problem.
  7. If you have a noncommunicative seller, just try to cancel the payment..

    that should get their attention...
  8. I was a seller and had this happen to me, I was missing one letter in my email address. PayPal had me add the email address and then they verified it for me...voila!

    But I went back and forth with the buyer because we couldn't figure it out...hope this helps!
  9. it's just that the seller has not linked his paypal email to his ebay account .
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    Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I have been on tpf. Been doing a lot of lurking not a whole lot of posting though.

    Anyway, I am bumping this old thread because I won a bag last night for a great deal. The seller is new to selling, has only 5 feedback as a buyer, none as a seller.

    I paid right away but it is showing the payment as unclaimed, and the user as unregistered. I have attempted to contact the seller but have yet to see a response. I'm all for giving a reasonable amount of time. However, my question is, how long is a reasonable amount of time in this case, before I cancel the payment? TIA! :smile:
  11. When I first started selling, this happened to me. I had made a typo when I input my paypal address. First Paypal advised me to create a new email to match the one of my typo but it contained a character that my email provider didn't allow. I really, really didn't want to contact the buyer and admit my stupidity. I think it was a couple of days in which I tried several things before I contacted my buyer. She had to cancel her payment and rebuy once I corrected the listing.

    It is a long weekend. I would give her until Tuesday. She could have gone away.

  12. Thanks whateve..... That's what I was thinking. I figure by Tuesday it will have been 3 days. If I don't hear from her by then I will cancel payment. I really want the bag so I'm hoping she turns up.
  13. Another possibility is if you funded the payment with a credit card, the seller needs to agree to upgrade her Paypal account. Until it's upgraded, the payment shows as pending.

  14. I see. I actually did use a credit card because I prefer to do that vs my bank account because for whatever reason I feel like it's safer. (I know it's silly haha). Would she still come up as unregistered as well? Normally when I pay, I at least see the name of the recipient. This one doesn't even have a name, just an email address. I sell too and have never had these kinds of issues so this is all new to me haha. Thank you BB!
  15. Is the seller "unregistered" as in NARU (by ebay) or does she not have a PP account? I believe a seller can list an item without being an ebay member but she probably has to register once a sale is made.

    As for funding your payment with a c.c., that's a good idea, especially for expensive items. Although buyers have protection through p.p., the credit card offers an extra layer of protection should a transaction go south.