Won a small battle of the counterfeit war!!!!

  1. I am on eBay all the time, and have been reporting counterfeits without anything happening. I found out that eBay rarely will remove a listing because someone says it is counterfeit. Well, I have been seeing a seller, for quite awhile now, selling counterfeit goods. I am tired of seeing this and decided I was going to do something about it. I went to the Coach website and emailed them the seller's ID and link to their eBay page.

    Tonight I looked at the sellers page link and THEY ARE NO LONGER A REGISTERED USER!!!!!!!!! Ebay can only do something about fakes if the trademark's legal owner approaches them about it! So from now on, I will be emailing Coach directly about counterfeit sellers. I won't overwhelm them with the small fry with 1 wallet on sale, but these brazen, jerks, who sell fakes regularly and have the gall to tell me, that their bags are authentic, will be reported!

    Thank you Coach for listening to me!

    P.S. I am soooooo tired of seeing those ugly, fake black embossed wallets, anyone else?!?!
  2. Wow WTG!!!!
  3. Yes! Coach needs more people like you around! Congrats!
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Recently I've been looking at Coach on eBay (thanks to all you fellow tPFers) and all the fakes made me sick to my stomach! :throwup: What really upsets me more is how much money people are wasting on these ugly, disgusting bags and they probably don't even know they are fake!!!
    Coach needs to send you a gift card as a thank you! You did them a huge favor and the public as well.
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  6. What a great idea! I always report counterfeits to Ebay but rarely see the listings taken off and have seen only 1 seller go no longer registered.
  7. WOW!!!! WTG!!!!!!! :tup:
  8. That is awesome:yahoo:, way to go and you just helped many from getting fake goods. That is one of the reasons I don't order from ebay because I would be scared to get something that was fake.:tdown:
  9. thank you thank you!!!!
    for taking the initiative to do this as i'm sure this took a lot of your time....while i have never taken the plunge into the world of ebay...simply because of this sort of thing........and i would rather save my hard earned money and feel confident walking into the boutique to make my purchases, those who do shop ebay can feel somewhat more confident in doing so
    great job!!!:tup:
  10. wow, thank you! you are such a sweet person. i love coach! but i hate buying from ebay, because yu never know if you're getting a fake. i prefer to see the bag in real life anyway before i purchase it.
  11. That is awesome! I report fakes to Ebay all the time and nothing ever happens. Makes me furious! :cursing: Next time I see a seller with a bunch of fakes, I'll notify Coach instead.

    I always feel SO bad when buyers win a fake Coach and spend hundreds of dollars. I bet most of them never do know they are carrying a fake.
  12. Wow. Thank you so much for contributing to the downfall of fake sellers. I hate to see people who get duped by buying fakes and I really hate to see dishonest sellers making a profit off of fakes. A big thank you!!
  13. NICE JOB!!! Whew you DO need a Coach gift card as a reward!
  14. I love to buy from EBay, of course for the bargains, but you can get styles from all the past years that aren't available in the stores anymore! If you educate yourself and research the seller carefully, buying on EBay is usually a very enjoyable experience. Then on top of it, you pay with a credit card on Paypal, then if you do get a counterfeit, you can dispute the charge either through Paypal or through your CC company, and because the bag is illegal to send counterfeits through the mail (though getting caught is doubtful), you can start a bonfire with the fake and dance around it after you've gotten your money back! Though I have never gotten a fake bag through ebay.

    P.S. I just reported 2 counterfeit keychain sellers last night, I will let you know what happens to them.
  15. Wow, thanks for your work.