Won a purse, should I get insurance?

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  1. I just won a $735 LV on eBay, and i'm just wondering whether or not I should get insurance. Exactly does insurance cover if package gets lost or would that not matter b/c the company would cover that since its their fault. Or does insurance just cover damages that it may have undergone while being shipped?

    I guess i'm just so paranoid since i've heard tons of awful stories about eBay, Fedex/UPS, etc etc.
  2. I would buy insurance, no questions. If your package gets lost/damaged you'll get your money back.
  3. No question about it, pay for insurance. If the bag is lost or damaged in any way, you will get your money back.
  4. Yeah it's a good idea to get insurance for all items over 500. it's only an extra few dollars.
  5. oh my gosh - GET INSURANCE!!! Full tracking and insurance! i cant begin to tell you the issues that happen when people dont. sorry, is a very sore point for me :crybaby:
  6. i 5th the motion on getting insurance..it protects both parties :smile:
  7. definitely!!! if something happens during shipping or if you don't receive it, you'd have proof of shipping insurance at the very least.
  8. insurance pls!
  9. insurance is the only way to go
  10. Yes, for anything over a hundred.
  11. You MUST buy insurance.
  12. Always get insurance just in case.You never know what can happen.
  13. Technically, the seller is responsible for providing insurance, tracking, etc. because if it doesn't arrive and they cannot provide proof of online tracking, it's their responsibility.

    So I'm confused. If the seller asks you to buy insurance for extra and you don't, it's their responsibility in the end, so shouldn't it be mandatory from their end? If a package gets lost and the buyer didn't buy insurance, would the seller still be responsible?
  14. get ALL paperwork..insurance, tracking etc..:yes:
  15. Yes, the seller is responsible for getting the item to you and if the seller cannot prove that you received it, then you can get your money back. Often I just pay the extra for the insurance as I figure it will be less of a hassle if there's a problem. Although, trying to collect from USPS can take months as I found out when something I returned got lost.