Won a "new" bag on ebay!

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  1. thats is so cute, you got a great deal! x
  2. Omg! thats awesome that you can look back at the archives! I learn something new from tpf everyday! Sweet Bag, congrats!
  3. ooh i love that! congrats on the win!
  4. Looks so sleek!
    Nice choice

  5. Yes, I do think you need one! :P

    They really are awesome... I have thought of selling my little back one a couple of times because I don't use it often.. but to me it's so unique to Coach. The grain is so great... I love it.

    I got the top handle for $66!
  6. Tara, I really love the Gramercy satchel. I wish it had come in more colors tho...all I see on the website is black and tan.
  7. Yeah, I think that is all they had.

    The Tan is kinda yellowish. There was one on ebay a while back.
  8. That is a nice little purse.

    Being able to look in the way back machine on Coach is cool too.
  9. i think the grain is awesome too. i could tell in the picture it looks special! i like the mature look and it looks chic and stylish too!