Won a blue 2008 Coach planner...was it worth it??

  1. I put up a bid for this 2008 Coach Planner way late at night....didn't think i'd win, but put it in just in case...

    Looks like I won it though! It is very cute and I love blue...but was this purchase worth it?:confused1:

    I see it was retail $208, but i'm sure it was at the outlets or something.

    Does anyone know what style number this was and what it's price is currently?

    Also does anyone have this same planner, and do you like it?

    I prob. will end up reselling it, but maybe if someone tells me it was a good deal and i see it for myself I will like it heheh...I do know it has snake skin on the border but that is all.

    Any info would be great!:tup:


  2. I saw this at Marshalls today. They were $69.00 but very beat up. I think you got a decent deal.
  3. It's cute, I think you got a good deal!
  4. Hmmm still not sure i'll prob. have to see it in person
  5. I think that's a pretty good deal, if you were to buy it at an outlet it would probably be twice that much. It's a very pretty blue!
  6. Actually, now that I look at it, I saw that exact one execpt in pink at TJ Maxx and it was $120 or something close to that, so I think you did great!
  7. They have both pink and blue at Loehmann's for $99. You got a good deal. Personally, I love the 4x7 size.
  8. OMG Yes!!! You got a GREAT deal! Enjoy!
  9. Not a bad deal at all! That is more than 65% off the retail price, good deal!!
  10. Totally worth it! I would love to get that colour, it's gorgeous! I'm pretty sure I saw the plain ol black agendas for about the same price in the outlets in January.
  11. :biggrin: Thanks everyone, I hope I like it...!
  12. You got an excellent deal! Enjoy!