Won a birkin auction from CDL... =(

  1. Hi Everyone....

    I finally made a decision on which birkin I wanted as my first and hopefully not last.... Createurs listed it as preowned but never carried with plastic still on the hardware. I won it Sunday morning for I'm guessing the price of a new retail bag. I was so happy to know I won a bag from such a reputable seller that's never been used at a good price. However she has not responded to me regarding payment information. I feel so depressed. I've been waiting all day Sunday and today to hear back from her. I was hoping to expedite payment so I could have my bag ASAP. She was very quick to respond prior to the end of the auction. I don't know what's going on. Maybe I'm being a bit obsessive and just need to wait it out. Can anyone let me know their experience with her after winning an auction? How soon did you get the bag? How soon did she email you with payment instructions? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post. Just feeling down because I feel like I'm being ignored. :sad:
  2. I paid right after the auction ended with pay it now through paypal, I don't think you need to wait for an invoice. She ships immediately, I had it the next day, I don't think you need to worry at all.
  3. hi thank you for your quick reply. In the auction she stated that she only accepts wire transfer because of the low price. I'm scared if I pay through paypal she might just cancel it. I have been emailing her telling her any payment type is fine with me. I just need confirmation. Should I just go ahead and do paypal?
  4. I bought mine from her as well with no problems! Just go ahead and pay through Paypal unless you need to make other payment arrangements and then you will need to wait until she gets back to you. But, I had no problems at all and am quite pleased with my bag from her!!!!!
  5. I bought twice with her, one wallet and one kelly (am also very very pleased with these) and I paid both with paypal. I would do just pay it now and follow the instructions:smile: congrats with your new bag!!!
  6. thank you ladies...I just paid her with a paypal echeck since she never sent me the wire transfer details. I put a message telling her if that's not okay then cancel my payment and I'll buy from another seller. Why is it that with these bags we practically have to beg to spend thousands of dollars??? Oh well...
  7. Just wait a little, she will get back to you soon for sure! She might be out or something, or her PC might be down.
    I wouldn't do PayPal b/c of the fees, I would wait for her to send you instructions.
  8. It will be allright, when you pay with an echeck, there are no fees I believe for the seller:smile:
  9. It will be okay, I purchased from her as well. She has an answering service, you might still be able to contact her if she still has her number on her website.

    She's probably away and hasn't answered anyone. I paid through paypal and it was okay. It's better to send the payment now so when she gets back to you she could have tracking info for you. She's a busy girl but a great seller.
  10. ^Paypal echeck takes about 10 business days to clear, right? It'll be a while for you to get the bag that way....
  11. wintotty: it takes 3 business days to clear within the States. My echeck to the UK took 4 business days.
  12. Since she clearly stated that she wanted a wire transfer, I think that is the way it will play out. I believe that there are Paypal fees even for an eCheck. If she wanted to go that route she would have indicated it in the auction.
  13. Typical cdl behavior. I've bought 3 bags from her. Listings are usually contradictory - with paypal top and bottom showing credit cards and then sometimes there is also inserted one sentence re bank wire. when i emailed her re using paypal she never answered, so i just used paypal cc. the bags always appeared the next day. i'm glad you got a new one from her as this is your first birkin. i don't like the descriptions or lack thereof on her used items.

    Don't be depressed. You are being ignored, but you're in good company, a lot of us have been there.

    Some of the other reputable resellers are so wonderful, never act like they're doing you a favor.
  14. ^That's amazing! It said wire transfer and she took the Paypal? I guess that is the "bird in hand" LOL!
  15. Yup, three times. After I did BIN, the PayPal check out appeared. I went back and checked the listings and paypal was at top and bottom with cc shown, despite a buried sentence re direct transfer. She puts PP in listings so her listings show up with the PP accepted sign on searches. Can't have it both ways.