Women's Trigger Snap Keyfob

  1. anyone have this in the silver/silver? I wondering if the metalic will rub off...and I should just get the crimson instead...I remember hearing about some purses where the metalics are rubbing off...it will obviously get a lot of wear and tear...
  2. i think it's only on the dusted suedes where the metallic rubs off...not sure though.
  3. I have it, and it hasn't started rubbing off. I agree with kallision, I think it's the dusted suede (not leather) that rubs off more. (of course, with metallic you never know...but the gold metallic leather on my swing pack is still in perfect condition)

    the leather is SOOOO soft on the trigger key fob...I love it.

    FYI - the ring is NOT removable on this one. (so if you want one with a removable ring, get the other one...there are 2 styles, one with a fixed ring, one with a removable)
  4. Dusted suede is the material that I know off that rubs off quite easily if not being very careful with it (and even when you're careful with it!).