Women's Tag Heuer watch...which one?

  1. Which one do you like the best?

    White, grey or black face?

    tagwhite.jpg taggrey1.jpg tagblack.jpg
  2. grey :biggrin:, or MOP if that's an option.

    There's one w/ a pink face I like too! LOL!

    Sorry, that was GREY!
  3. Wait, what? LOL :p

    Are you saying the MOP was actually the grey or the pink? Or neither? :roflmfao:
  4. LOL! I choose grey of those 3 :biggrin:

    SO I started thinking, I'd choose MOP over any and then I got distracted because I was remembring the adorable Aquaracer w/ pink face and diamonds at my jeweler's this week!:lol:
  5. Oh....silly. :p

    I went back on the tag site, and the pink face is actually MOP! Only problem is I don't like pink. :lol:

    Thanks Swanky. I like the grey best as well.
  6. i like the white face best
  7. I like the grey one. I've been saving up my Bloomingdale's Reward Certificates in hopes of applying them toward this same watch.
  8. you're right, it's pink MOP I was referring to:
    I NEED this.
  9. Thanks! :yes:
  10. Beeeeutiful! But out of my price range. :crybaby:
  11. I like the gray! The blk is a bit too dark and the white doesnt really stand out...the gray is cute!
  12. ^that's kind of my reasoning:yes:
  13. I vote for white. I have a Carerra with white MOP and diamonds. It looks amazing!!

  14. white!!
  15. Gray! So pretty!