Womens Suits?!

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  1. Hi Everyone!!

    I'm a student at the moment, doing some work experience over the summer in Human Resources (If anyone can offer me anymore that would be great!! :graucho:) SOOOOOO I need a suit for some of these places I'm working, I don't want to spend a fortuneeeee, but I do want to look smart but also modern, it had to be black so any ideas where I can head to!?

  2. Take a look at H&M :smile:
  3. oh never thought about that! BUT...I'm off to Harrods for a few weeks, and I'm PARANOID they'll know I went to H&M, so need to spend abit more? maybe £300?! But I don't even know if thats alot as I've never brought one before!!
  4. You might get lucky at a consignment shop specializing in high end clothes.

    There has to be at least one of those in London.

    Good luck!
  5. That's a good suggestion, I was going to say thrift store too, I know.. if you're not used to thrifting it might be a turn off but you could find something totally high end, unique, new and pretty.
  6. I would say an anne taylor outlet. I have acctually seen some cute stuff there while waiting for my mom to try on clothes.
  7. Banana Republic! They have very nice suits and you can often find them on sale.

    ETA: there aren't BRs in the UK, though, are there?
  8. ^^i was going to suggest br. thats where i got my "job interview" suit, and they run great sales
  9. i don't know if you have any local outlet malls, but you can usually find some great deals there.
  10. Express has good deals on suits as well
  11. Ann Taylor
    Banana Republic
    J Crew
    and the idea of consignment is great. When I got out of grad school I got my professional wardrobe from consignment and was the best dressed person in the workplace!
    Also, staight skirts with cardigans look good, add a scarf for a nice touch!
  12. Ann Taylor
  13. H&M actually has a lot of very smart suits that look like they cost way more than they look. Zara is the same.
  14. I got a really nice suit in New look a few weeks back if thats any help!! Looked more expensive than it actually was! although if your looking for something expensive it might not be the place to get it!!!