Women's suit in London

  1. Hi everyone

    I need to find a decent women's suit in London. Any suggestions?
  2. how much are you wanting to spend?
  3. i dont think you can beat next on the high street or jeager if you want to pay a lot more.
  4. ^^
    next are good and v.reasonably priced. Oasis do good tailoring too.
  5. I def think its good to go and try on different styles from diff high st stores. Have you tried Massimo Duti and depending on ur budget Aquascutum?
  6. I would definately recommend aquascutum, i got a suit from their in the sale for about £200 for the jacket and skirt, and it was originally about £350 I think!! So, check it out in the sales if you dont want to ay that much riginally. Also, armani have amazing suits, but their suits are about £500, but definateky worth the money if you can stretch to that!