Women's shoes put to the test - Opinions please!

  1. This article: Today Tonight on Yahoo!7,
    it basically says price and being handmade in Italy have nothing to do with quality.

    Now, as someone who always looks for "made in Italy" and barring that, "made in Spain", that's scary news.

    What do you all think? Of your pricey, name-brand, shoes, can you say the quality is there?

    I mean, i can say that about the clarks I've owned, that they've gone on and on and on. And the heels have too, if only because I don't wear them as much. But what about heels that you like to wear a lot? Especially any high end brands like Michael Kors or even Manolos? How do such shoes last?
  2. High end shoes are better! I love my Gucci heels I can wear them forever!
  3. I never look at wear they are made. You can get a great pair of shoes made in China. I look for comfort and how well I can walk in them. I have 2 pairs of really expensive shoes and I bought those because I really liked them and they were comfortable as well as I could walk in them.
  4. Which shoes were those that you could walk in them?

    By the way, ladies, I've had a twisted ankle since end of August and I'm dreaming of when I can ditch the MBTs and wear stillettos! and I'm not even a stilletto girl!
  5. Yes I am curious about cheap and comforyable shoes too!
  6. I don't know ... they should have tested Manolos verses Nine West verses Aldo or something like that. They tested brands I've never heard of, so moot point....
  7. Exactly what I was thinking after I read the article.

    Though I don't think you need to spend $1000 to find quality, you get what you pay for.

    I've got pumps I've had for 5+ years, which are worn often, and aside from maintenance (soles/heel tips) are holding up fine.
  8. Which brand?
  9. The only shoes I've ever have wear through were Converse sneakers and my red Delman pumps :crybaby:and that was because I wore them almost everyday in all kinds of weather. (My ex said my red shoes were my "rain" shoes because he thought I always wore those in the rain.) I don't really take care of my shoes and can be very careless.... But I think if you have a lot of shoes (and this can be like ten pairs), for the most part, you won't damage a pair of shoes beyond repair before you grow tired of them....
  10. Charles Jourdan
  11. Heels that I can walk miles in:
    :heart: Etro
    :heart: Prada
    :heart: Costume National
  12. You can find low end 'made in italy' stuff that falls apart just like nine west, etc. It's out there, it's just not names we know because no one buys it.