Women's oppinion?

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  1. Just got two of my fiance's xmas presents in the mail today. Charcoal suede mandy courior and legacy slim wallet blk. The wallet is pimp and I know she'll love it.:yahoo: The mandy is a bit different color than I had thought. The charcoal suede is a very dark shade of brown, where I was thinking it would be more of a dark grey. The leather is a dark shade of bronze. I need a woman's oppinion. Has anyone seen the charcoal color/purses? What are your thoughts? My fiance is a reporter and needs a medium/large bag to carry with her for work. I wanted to get her something that would match just about everything and still have some style. Is the charcoal/bronze color very vesatile? Since I have more than a month I am wondering if I should exchange the charcoal suede mandy for a black leather mandy?:confused1: My goal is to make her smile wider than ever before on xmas morn:love: and I know she would never expect me to get such gifts, so I need women's oppinions to make it so? Thanks for your help ahead of time.
  2. goodfiance - first of all, you are totally living up to your name! I'm sure whatever you wind up with, your fiance will love it.

    I have seen the charcoal suede in real life and think it's a very versatile color that will compliment any outfit. I'm also personally a sucker for metallic which I also find to be a neutral and striking (I actually wound up ordering a legacy bag in the plum suede -which also looks like a different color in real life than in the catalogue). I think the darker suede will also not be as worrisome as lighter suede w/regard to staining.

    One caution - if your fiance is going to use it as an every day bag, the leather may be a better choice since suede tends to be a bit higher maintenance with regard to keeping it clean (also, I tend to not use my suede bags in the rain or snow and your fiance may be the same way).

    I hope this was helpful!
  3. I can't account for anyone else's taste, however I would say black leather. Particularly with a knock around job, such as reporting.
  4. You are an absolute sweetheart!
  5. Your so sweet! I like the black leather one better.
  6. omigosh your soon to be wife is one lucky lady!

    the color is a lot lighter, but i think almost everyone i've encountered that saw that bag loved it..

    however, the suede is another issue altogether.

    as long as it doesn't rain

    it should be fine, since the legacys are suppose to have a worn in kind of look, the suede will get slightly scruffy and dark with wear but that just means it'll match the wallet more

    :smile: and i think that the suede overall will be lighter then the leather

    if there is rain, or for some reason you know suede will scare her off, the bag does come in signature black.

    which will match the wallet way better

    and it would be better as everyday. b/c the courtier is HEAVY with the hardware and trust me, back problems will arise if you use it everyday and fill it up!

    i don't know if i helped any

    but remember, no matter what i'm sure she'll love it because it's from you, and you're awfully considerate/thoughtful

  7. Wow! Congrats! I'm sure she'll love it!
  8. i love reading about wonderful fiancees and boyfriends buying their significant others a lovely bag :nuts: first off, i think its great that you can even think of these gifts on your own. the problem with suede is that its hard to clean pen marks and random things. i bought my sister (who is an architect) a coach suede hobo... theres pen marks and the edges and black and there are parts of the suede where its pretty much worn down. so i would say on the safe side just get black leather since you can wear it with anything :smile: plus its very metro. HAPPY HOLIDAYS though