Women's DateJust--Bezel Decision

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  1. Hi everyone.

    I know this questions is purely opinion based, but I’d love to hear your opinions. My husband wants to get me a Rolex.

    I have narrowed the choice down to the Datejust Mid-Sized (31 mm), White Roman Dial, Jubilee Bracelet. What has me stumped is the bezel.

    My husband feels very strongly about me getting the Fluted Bezel. It just seems so flashy to me. I am a very plain person. Between the bezel and my wedding rings, it seems like too much. My husband argues that once the watch isn’t new anymore, it won’t be as sparkly. He also says the dome bezel will scratch easily.

    So I have a few questions:

    1. Do you prefer the dome or fluted bezel
    2. Does the domed bezel not look right with the jubilee bracelet? I prefer the Jubilee to the Oyster. (Was told the Oyster Bracelet will scratch more as well)
    3. Should I worry about the dome bezel scratching?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. I am not a fan of the domed bezel, and especially, I think the fluted looks better with the Jubilee bracelet. To me, Jubilee is more feminine and the domed bezel more sporty so to me they don't 'go' together. But that's just my taste. How nice you are getting the watch! Best of luck with your decision.

    I;d say all the bracelets and bezels scratch the same, it's just that with more smooth surface area (dome and oyster), the scratches show more.

    I just love the classic white dial with Roman and I think it will look beautiful with Jubilee/fluted! I have the women's size and I wear it when I 'don't' want to have on a flashy-looking watch.
  3. Thanks Chessmont

    I forgot to add, any advice on how much or little the sparkle of a fluted bezel dulls with age would be much appreciated!

    I know to some--especially those who like diamonds on a watch--the sparkle may seem minimal, but like i said i have pretty simple tastes.

  4. I love the fluted bezel and how it speaks to the history of Rolex. I'd go with that. Can't speak to the dulling...
  5. Your husband was right about scratching.
    As far as dulling after while, Rolex has its brand name therefore the shiny does stay long indeed.

    I love fluted bezel!
    All my 4 watches are fluted bezel.
    2 of 31mm, 2 are in 26mm.
    they have diamond markers in all :smile:

    No other watch maker can beat Rolex diamond markers !
    I like simple things. But I do love diamonds ! Diamonds are not fancied to me. They are just one of my material taste
  6. For visual purposes...

    (images from jomashop)

    Those with jubilee bracelet typically stick with the fluted bezel, but upon looking at the images, I actually like the domed bezel more! The roman numerals provide enough visual interest without the fluted bezel. Although I may be biased:graucho: since my (very minimalist) watch is domed bezel, oyster bracelet 31mm white face with stick markers.
  7. I like the fluted bezel better. Enjoy your new watch!
  8. I agree with everything chessmont said! I have 3 rolexes. One 2-tone ladies w/diamond markers. It is jubilee and fluted. I also have the all stainless mid-size with Roman #'s that is jubilee and fluted. My air king is the sportiest one! I think the fluted bezel shows scratches much less than the domed one.
  9. fluted:smile:
  10. I prefer fluted bezel.
  11. NOT a fan of the fluted myself.
  12. Fluted bezel, seems to match the jubilee bracelet better. That's the classic Rolex look.
  13. I think the bezel looks ultra-sparkly under the lighting at the jeweler's on purpose ;o). It doesn't seem sparkly to me in daily use. Over time, it will get tiny scratches that might make it look more subtle to you, though you can have Rolex polish it up for you if you want.
  14. I like the fluted bezel with the Jubilee bracelet. Makes an already semi-masculine looking watch look a bit more feminine.
  15. I actually prefer the domed bezel. My tastes run pretty simple. Like you said, your wedding set will provide the bling. :smile: