Women's Clothing Tiny Pockets and Pocket Wallets

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  1. As much as I love handbags and carrying them, there are days when I just want to carry money, cards, and ID w/ me and nothing else- including a handbag, so I opt for a wallet that is designed to just put in clothing pocket. Yes, I've been told that it is a man-thing to do, but I really don't care. However, after venturing in the men's department to find these pocket wallets b/c there are only a few of these in the women's wallet department, I find that I have to find the smallest/thinnest of the small in order for the wallet to not be too uncomfortable. I'm still afraid that the wallet may pop out of my pants pocket though...but I'll ask if any of you have had experience carrying such wallets in your clothing pockets instead and how safe is it?

    Gosh, in this case, they make women's clothing so impractical! I don't want to start cross-dressing to wear my wallet on me.
  2. I used to use a thin men's bifold in college. I always had it stuck in my jeans back pocket and never had a problem with it popping out.
  3. I use a leather ID/bus pass holder. I usually have a few cards with a couple bills and keep it in my front pocket. I haven't had it fall out but I misplace it all the time when I'm at home since it's small and my desk gets clutter-y.
  4. Sometimes I use a Coach mini skinny if I'm just running to the store, its small, but you can use it as a wallet, and it fits into jeans perfectly.
  5. I used to use a wallet like this, i think it was a coach mini skinny, or something along those lines. I always tried to carry it in my front pocket as it felt more secure there.

    My husband also always carries his wallet in his front pocket, he'll never keep it in his back pocket.
  6. the coach mini skinnies are a good size for this, they also have a key ring. I have an awesome thin leather card holder with an ID window that holds about 5 cards that I just adore. I found it at Loehmanns or something for like 10 bucks and it's hot pink and fits perfecty flat in a front jeans pocket. I can't think of the brand name but I will check when I get home!
  7. Thanks guys. I'll look into the Coach Mini Skinny even though I already have a men's Croton stingray bifold wallet that's pretty small-average for a wallet and will get a separate Givenchy leather coin purse. However, I don't mind getting multiple wallets.:>P I know eel skin is particularly very thin so that'd be useful as well. Oh, and I am a great believer in always putting my wallet in my front pocket; the anxiety of putting it my back pocket would be too great.

    I've had several incidents w/ two or more different wallets that were made for the pants pocket, but they would pop out! I lost one and nearly lost the other twice this way from doing nothing more than sitting down. It was so frustrating. Hopefully, this won't happen again.
  8. Belen Echandia has just come out with the "Protect Me" which I think would be small enough to fit in a front pocket -


    It's avail with or without a clear 'id window'

    You can see more pictures in the BE subforum...