Womens bbags on men

  1. So, us men get the mens day and the mens weekender, but we really get screwed out of all the new spring colors, as balenciaga is still trying to sell the fall ones in these styles, and at Barneys they still need to get rid of some of LAST years spring colors...

    I was wondering if you girls think men (particulary gay ones :P) would be able to pull off the women's version of these bags (regular day/hobo and womens voyage/weekender)...

    Also, what do you ladies think about men with the couriers and work/office styles? ive never had too much of a problem with a little fem, but i hate being flamboyant, so... :shrugs:
  2. I don't know about the day but I think the weekender and the courier will be great for men also!
  3. I think a guy would look hot sporting a courier...as long as it's not a shiny one.
  4. I think guys would look great in the styles you listed, I'd say go for it! Seriously, if I saw you wearing it, I'd compliment you. Just not the City or First, though, those really are a tad too femme
  5. ITA! Just about any styles except the purse, first, and city would look great on men, as long as they aren't feminine colors. :P But colors like black, ink, grey, the browns, would look great for men! :yes:
  6. Red too will look good on men. Be brave to go for bright colors and not just neutrals.
  7. i don't know about other styles, but my gay friend wear his anis city all the time :P
  8. i think the courrier will be extra super hot on a guy! The work too. You'll look GREAT!
  9. I think the city, work, weekender, courier, day all look fantastic on men!! I've seen some guys with the city before and they don't look too fem to me, it's not a girly bag at all. I think bbag are very unisex. I'd just go for it!
  10. I wish my hubby wanted to wear balenciaga's. He likes the bags I have and has a bit of an aviator thing going. Gorgeous leather bags on guys looks good and should be done more.
  11. I think any man looks hot with any bbag...so i can befriend them and grab their purse and run
  12. You know what I think would look particularly good and unisex on a man? A Part Time. You should really try one. Mine is a camel (like in my pic) and just because of how long the strap is and how it's wider, it looks like a really cool briefcase with a long strap. When I carry it that's what it reminds me of, especially when I used to use it at school, a really cool briefcase with character. Try it out in a brown or black and I think you may agree.
  13. I think esp. the work/office and the weekender would be so cool on men! that's too bad they don't update the men's colors as readily, or carry the newer ones in the stores for men...
  14. thanks guys for all your responses! i didnt even think about some of these bags mentioned (part time, city, etc)

    i guess i always thought the city was like the speedy 30 or birkin 35 equivalent of b bags, where my absolute minimum for a guy to be carrying said bags is size 35 and 40, respectively. But i saw that picture of fvx and the city size looked good!

    and i thought choosing colors was tough...