Women with a Multiple Wallet o.0? Opinions please!

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  1. ...ok guys/gals i need your help/opinions once again...

    so i've decided to get a new wallet instead of getting something to dress up my alma :push: (thanks goes out to all the people who helped me out!!!:heart:) because i'm in dire need of a new wallet and figured my store credit would best be used on a wallet instead of something to sexify my purse for now. (damn LV for making me want everything! *smacks forehead*)...Anyhoo, i work for a pharmacy and i need a relatively small wallet that'll fit into a labcoat pocket without poking out and i've been eyeing the multiple recently, but i was wonder if you guys would think it'd be a lil too "manly" o.0? i really like the design, but i was wondering if maybe i can special order it in black epi? any ideas? thanks again in advance! you guys rock! :rochard: :heart:
  2. I don't think you can SO small leather goods, I'm sorry

    Will a cles fit your purpose, and you can get a larger wallet for most of the things that you might carry, but don't necessarily need need while you're working?
  3. I don't think its too manly though, no.
  4. :sad: can't special order small leather goods?!...bummer =(...a cles would be perfect for work, but the wallet that i have now (non-LV =\) is busting at the seams :shame:
  5. EXACTLY!! get a primary LV wallet for everything under the Sun to go into (which, might I add, shouldn't burst at the seams too soon) and, get a cles which can act as a secondary LV wallet to fit nicely in your labcoat!!
  6. how about a zippy coin as the small wallet! it's so cute i love it
  7. OHHH!!! *smacks forehead* :sweatdrop: sorry about that Olive, i totally misunderstood what you were trying to say. BUT! i did actually go the route that you suggested and ended up getting a black epi port-tresor int'l. :love: i'm SOOOO happy with my purchase! thanks for all of your help!!!:heart: