women who buy expensive bags, but aren't INTO bags...

  1. have you come across this woman?

    you compliment her on her bag, ask her about the bag, simply to find out she has no true bag knowledge. it always amazes me how some women can fork over a grand (or couple, actually) for a bag, and when you inquire they pretty much just say, "it's balenciaga," or "it's louis vuitton."

    no crap, it's balenciaga or louis vuitton (or whatever other designer), but come on! give me the details! while i understand bags are not the be all, end all for many women, i still do not see how you can pay so much for a product unless it's something you literally dream about.

    anyone ever experience this?

  2. What details are you wanting to hear?
  3. I would think $1,000 is probably a drop in the bucket to her, and she just saw something, liked it and purchased it. If we lower the price bar, I have bags like that. Some bags I have researched extensively. But there are other ones, I saw in a window and just bought it, and I couldn't tell you anymore other than the purchasing location.
  4. I buy what I like. I've never researched a bag.
  5. I have met such a woman. She is very, very wealthy. She only likes fine things. When I walked into her kitchen for the first time, there was a beautiful blue Birkin casually splayed on a kitchen stool -- just casually sitting there. When she gave me a tour of her house and I saw the handbags in her closet, my mouth quietly dropped open.
    In other words ladies... she has the $$ to buy the best. She buys only the best. But she doesn't "covet" or "worship" bags like we do. The best of everything is simply a part of her life and she doesn't give it much thought. She is not a fashion plate, but is fashionable always. Slim. Has the ease of wealth in her attitude and in her surroundings.
    She is not hanging out on the Purse Forum... She buys what she needs and uses it, then buys it again.
    Don't even begin to be envious -- for your life has its own joys and purpose. As I saw on Oprah last night, "Do YOU."
  6. I agree with the previous posters. It is just a different income bracket. I've seen bags that are inexpensive for me and just bought them because I liked them, no more and no less. I am sure that many wealthy women do the same, except if they are shopping high-end boutiques the pickings there are different.

    We all have price ranges where we can comfortably impulse shop and not be concerned about it. For some women, that price range is considerably higher than my own.
  7. That's me most days.
  8. actually, I think those women are maybe more normal than some of us! :p LOL!

    They may be "into bags" in a big way, but not on a Forum or soemthing similar.
    I have been to 2 Chanel luncheons at NM so far and these women LOVE their bags and have no idea what most of them are called, I think that's pretty normal.
  9. ITA!!
  10. i haven't been in this forum for that long but have read quite a few commentaries... what i've noticed is that a lot of the women here can appreciate the finer more expensive things in life because we actually have to work to get it (purse ban, anyone? the longer you wait, the more you crave it!)... it's a reward... the harder you work for it, the more you appreciate it :smile:
  11. I agree with TropicalGal & HauteMama. It is just a way of life for some folk. They just don't twice about it.
  12. My best girl friend is this way...she could care less about all the information etc...and if she does want to know about the bag she just bought she will call me. We both love our bags, but she just doesnt have the love of the info that I do. She is into other things I am not. I do not think there is anything at all wrong with it!
  13. Perhaps to some of us it is the hunt, the information, the longing we like the most. Would it be nearly as satisfying to just pop into any store and buy any bag you want?

    Our way, the tension builds slowly, like good lovemaking.
  14. Until fairly recently, I probably was that woman! :lol:

    I think I've only become a bag nerd since joining this forum! :nuts:

  15. ITA. :yes:

    There's no doubt, we're the odd ones, not them! :lol: