Women tougher then men.

  1. I read a article today that when men get sick they tend to act like babies whereas women when sick tend to be tough. I kind of believe it because whenever my DH is sick he whines and complains about how bad he feels and says he's going to die and blah blah blah.. . and I am sick right now and haven't even given him the slightest hint that I am, even though I don't feel so hot. SO what do yall think .. are we stronger and tougher when it comes to battling an illness.
  2. Yes. My husband gets the sniffles and you'd think he was dying slowly. I'm a nurse though and I think he likes to be babied sometimes lol. As far as my hosp patients go men and women seem to be equally whiny lol.
  3. I think women can endure more pain than men can. I remember watching MTV's battle of the sexes where in challenges of endurance, the women seems to stick out the most (like the sitting on ice cubes challenge). And childbirth......I don't think any man would want to experience that. Only a woman can handle it.
  4. Thats for sure Kathyrose. One time my Dh got a gas cramp or something and he said honey I think I know what back labor feels like.. I was thinkin yeah right. you don't have a cramp for 32 hours :biggrin: hahahhaa
  5. Oh definitely, I think women are far more stoic when it comes to pain. Women also have to be more stoic.. like I mean, in traditional nuclear family roles, women also have to be there for the children and to tend to household affairs so they can't exactly take the time out to be sick. It's tough to be a mom !
  6. Not true with me! My bf can be deathly sick and doesn't complain. Me, on the other hand, whine about being 'sick' if I have the sniffles. I do it so much he doesn't give me special treatment any more unless I'm near death.
  7. I do tend to complain a bit when I'm sick, and the husband doesn't. But I think overall I can endure pain pretty well. We're built for it, aren't we?
    Also I always hear how when girls get tatoos they are much tougher then men.
  8. Very true. My dh is the biggest baby when he is sick.:lol:
  9. Why do you think we have the children????
  10. oh i don't know about that...when i get sick i am such a drama queen. i think it comes from when i was a kid. when i got sick, mom always turned it into a fun day so being stuck in bed wouldn't be so bad. anything you wanted...movies? sure. cake for breakfast? ok. i think she was just happy we ate. :smile:

    poor hubby is sick right now and he's so stoic. :sad: he won't take anything and won't complain. won't even sleep in our bed because he doesn't want to get me sick. (probably because he doesn't want to take care of me. hehe) poor thing.
  11. So true. I know my husband could not handle that kind of pain. He could barely manage to stay with me during labor.

    Has anyone seen the Dairy Queen commercial with the pregnant woman day dreaming about the roles being reversed and her husband is the one in labor? It is hilarious! If only it were possible...
  12. ^^ if that was possible and men were the ones having the kids, no one would have siblings.
  13. talk about drama! when my hub gets sick he acts like its his last day on earth! "I've never been THIS sick" is his mantra of choice. That and "I hope I'm not dying".

    oh well. you can't live with them and you can't kill em'.

    I really do love my little drama queen though :love: .
    And I gotta say, he caters to me when I'm sick.
  14. Oh hell yes! I have 3 brothers, my husband, my son and my father, they all turn to such big babies when they're sick! Not to mention, when I was studying to be a nurse, most of the male patients were a pain in the behind!
  15. I totally disagree... definitely depends on the men you know! My dad refuses to admit anything is ever wrong or that he feels anything but perfectly healthy. All my boyfriends seem to be really macho about stuff... I think I'd vomit if a boyfriend tried to play the dying-of-the-flu card. I'm not so into babying men!