Women that wear size 21-32 designer jeans, need your suggestions!

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  1. Ive been wanting to post this question for the past week or so but have been too embarassed to do it :shame: I guess most of the women that wear these designer jeans seem to be around sizes 25-28 (or so it seems) and I feel like I'm too big to be even be posting anything about it…..hehehe…..but I guess I have to ask about it now or I'll never have the guts to do it!

    I'm new to the world of designer jeans and I just want to know for those that wear sizes 31-32, which type of jeans do you guys normally wear? What I mean is, I guess I'll just say it, I want to hide my tummy a little and make my thunder thighs look a little leaner (yikes!!!! :s) and so my choices are pretty limited. From what I've read here the past couple of weeks, 7FAMK Dojos or Ginger seem to be the popular ones for these types? maybe because they're not too low-rise. A lot have talked about Paige premium in Hollywood Hills as well as Joe's muse. COH amber jeans was also mentioned a lot. So yeah, i just want to know what you guys think. One more thing, I do prefer the bootcut look the most but im also open to other styles.

    Thanks a lot…...:smile:
  2. I'm a 30-ish so I'm replying to this anyway. I personally love 7FAM A-pockets & Dojo as well as the Rock & Republic Roth. I own a bunch of other brands as well, but I keep coming back to these. I should say that with the R&R, they are low rise so you probably will want to skip those. My thighs are my problem area in my opinion and all of these make them look good.

    If you want tummy support, Joe's seem to be a good option however, they don't fit me as well. I also have to size down in them so I wear about a 29.
  3. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm pretty close- size 30. I have to size up because I do have larger thighs than most people. I get the most compliments on my 7 for all mankinds- bootcut. I have a tummy too, compliments of my son and these jeans are flattering in both areas. I also have a pair of paige's melrose if you want a comfortable pair of straight legs- the material is very giving and soft. And for just bumming around comfort I buy Lucky Brand.
  4. itsmyworld...i do have an A-pocket one that i haven't worn yet (got preggy in 2006, gave birth in 2007, got the A-pocket ones after giving birth and im just now getting back to my regular size) so anyway that one fit me better than the squiggly for some reason. but as for the R&R, i know that they're lowrise, but i will try the Roth one anyway, just to see =) thanks a lot!!!! =)
  5. bagpuss, yes so far, i'm finding that i'm actually pretty okay with the 7 bootcut ones, as long as they're not too lowrise. good thing they make some higher rise ones so that big tummy like me can still somehow wear designer jeans hehehe.

    i will look into the paige melrose that you suggested because i also want to have at least one straight leg, even though i think this will look like a skinny jean to me, but that seems to be the trend right now so it's a double plus! thanks!!!
  6. oops sorry guys, i my thread title was supposed to be '31-32' and not '21'
  7. I'm not sure what size 31' - 32' relates to, but I wear a 10 or 12 in jeans (smaller in tops). I'm average in height and weight, but I have a bit of a stomach no matter what I do.

    Cambio and Christopher Blue jeans fit me nicely and look great too. I also have a pair from Eileen Fisher. They're not as "hip" or "trendy", but they look nice with conservative tops.
  8. Seven Jeans.

    big butt, little butt, big thighs, little thighs, large waist, no waist. It fits them all.
  9. I was a 31-32 for a few years and my go to jeans were Paige Hollywood Hills (I had several pairs). 7FAM fit well but I had a problem with them stretching out after wearing them a few hours. Other jeans that fit me well at that size were Express (I know these are cheapie ones but they were flattering) and Elie Tahari.
  10. Don't be embarrassed. I wear a size 13 in juniors jeans which is about 31-32 for me in designer jeans. I have hips and a butt but am average in height and weight. I have found that Paige Premium Denim is the best for me. The best style is the Paige Hollywood Hills (love them!).
  11. i guess i made the right choice for now since 7s is so far, what ive gotten at this point....hehehee.....just came from the cleaners to get my A-pockets hemmed. cant wait to get it tomorrow and wear it on wednesday for the first time! thanks so much
  12. No worries, I'm a 31... I have Paiges, Joes, and SFAMs, and love them all. The Paiges, in particular, really seem to lengthen my legs and downplay my thighs, while the SFAMs make my butt look fab!
  13. maxhavoc and chichi143, i will definitely check out paige hollywood hills! that seems to be one of those jeans that can work pretty well for me.

    max...i used to have express and still have 'em right now, it's just that i've 'grown' a lil since those days i wore them and now they can't really fit me (i cant really blame my 2 kids can i?!). but yeah i do remember them fitting really welll.
  14. thanks chichi143! that makes me feel like im not the only size 31-32 that wears designer jeans =)
  15. I was a 30 for a while and I agree with everybody who said Paige's. I also found that Paper Denim & Cloth worked well and they are cheaper than other designer jeans.