Women snuggle up with 'Boyfriend's Arm'

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  1. Women snuggle up with 'Boyfriend's Arm'

    Pillow designed for the single girl in need of some manly comfort

    TOKYO - A new product on the Japanese market has been designed for the single girl in need of some manly comfort while she sleeps.
    The “Boyfriend Arm’s Pillow” is shaped like a giant arm which will hold you all night without the need for the real thing.
    The almost life-size boyfriend pillow is the product of the Japanese bed linen maker, Kameo Corp., located in the Japanese city of Fukuoka. The company already sold more than 1,000 pillows since its launch last year. It costs $80 dollars (8,500 yen) and is currently only sold in Japan on the Internet.

    Kameo is now planning to upgrade the pillow by producing different models, including a muscular one. And the company is also working on the prototype for a fake female lap shaped pillow targeting male users.
    The company says the shape of the pillow does not just provide the illusion of having someone sleeping next to you. Tomoki Kakehashi of Kameo says the unique structure keeps the human body balanced by supporting the sleeper from both sides.
    “My grandmother used to say that there is nothing more comfortable pillow than human,” says Kakehashi. “I always thought someone’s lap is the best pillow for me. So, I thought that maybe women want to sleep on the arm shaped pillow. As a fact, my kids always like to sleep on my arm. Human pillow seems to be warm and healing. This is why I made this arm shaped pillow.”


    It's an old article, but I thought you ladies would enjoy it!
    What's wrong with turning your pillow vertcally? Or snuggling with the real thing?
  2. :hrmm: How weird....
  3. Bizarre.....
  4. I will give the same answer I gave in the "cuddle" thread. Are people that hard up?
  5. I wonder what else they're going to be using the "Boyfriend's arm" for???
  6. ahahhaa :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I was thinking the same thing.... :idea::wlae:
  7. LMAO @ Charles :roflmfao:

    ...the arm is more than likely not the part of the boyfriend that they miss!
  8. :lol:

    Seriously, though, that's pretty strange. To each their own, of course!
  9. hehe, I made one for my friend for a gift just for kicks. It was great!
  10. Strange!!!! How do these people get these ideas????
  11. That's strange. As a single girl I would rather snuggle with my cat.
  12. Lol this is soooooooooo weird haha!
  13. The boob pillow is a little underdeveloped. Looks like a 13 year old boy actually.
  14. omg, jesus, what people think up of these days!